Putin pardons Russian rapist who chopped off victim's hand so he can fight in Ukraine

Putin pardons Russian rapist who chopped off victim's hand so he can fight in Ukraine

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Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 04/03/2024

- 22:15

The 42-year-old man was previously sentenced for killing and dismembering his 18-year-old victim

Vladimir Putin has pardoned a Russian rapist who chopped off his victim’s hand so he can fight in the Kremlin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian President freed Tsyren-Dorzhi Tsyrenzhapov, 42, to allow the convicted murderer to take up arms in the ongoing conflict.

Tsyrenzhapov was sentenced for killing and dismembering 18-year-old Ekaterina Skvortsova.

He also threw her severed head from a 12th-floor window.

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly


Local schoolboy Igor Shalaev, then 15, said: “It was me and my friends who found the body parts. It was very scary.”

Detailing how the 18-year-old was identified, the victim's 48-year-old mother Svetlana Skvortsova explained: “I went in, and saw this cart full of lumps of meat.

“My legs were like jelly. I did not understand anything.

“They could have put her on a table and covered the body parts with a sheet. It was completely inhumane to see her like this.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin with members of the Russian military

Vladimir Putin pardoned Tsyren-Dorzhi Tsyrenzhapov


Skvortsova’s parents paid £215 for her body parts to be sewn back together for her funeral.

Tsyrenzhapov had served less than three years of a 14-year prison term when Putin released him to fight in Ukraine.

He later killed an unnamed 22-year-old woman in the Siberian village of Ugdan after being discharged from military duty.

Chita District Court sentenced Tsyrenzhapov to 14 years in a maximum security penal colony.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin continues to face recruitment problems


Thousands of other murderers, rapists and hardened criminals were released into Russian society after serving in Putin’s army.

The Russian President was forced to launch a drastic recruitment drive in mid-2022 after his troops failed to make inroads into the ex-Soviet state.

Wagner Group recruits were also often enlisted from prison from July 2022.

An estimated 49,000 prisoners joined Yevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash following a failed coup last year, in the paramilitary group.

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