‘We were CHEATED!’ Viktor Orban LOSES IT with Brussels as Slovakia, Poland and Hungary start huge rebellion

‘We were CHEATED!’ Viktor Orban LOSES IT with Brussels as Slovakia, Poland and Hungary start huge rebellion

Viktor Orban has blasted the EU

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 29/09/2023

- 15:57

The Hungarian PM has blasted the EU

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has hit out at EU “deception” in a call for the bloc to halt the transportation of Ukrainian grain through its territory.

In the opening autumn session of Hungary’s parliament, Orban spoke on the country’s decision to open a “solidarity corridor” for grain to be transported to countries in Africa after Russia had invaded Ukraine.

In a passionate speech, Orban said the agreement had not been adhered to, and shipments of Ukrainian grain had been sold in Hungary for lower prices than their own produce.

He said domestic producers are under being “ruined” and “squeezed out of their own market” as a result.

Viktor Orban and Hungarian grain

Viktor Orban is disgruntled at the treatment of Ukrainian farmers


In his speech, he announced that Hungary, together with Slovakia and Poland, have imposed an import ban on 23 agricultural products from Ukraine, risking the wrath of the EU.

“Brussels claimed that without Ukrainian grain, African countries would face severe famine after the war made transportation via the Black Sea impossible”, he said.


“Hungary, at the request of Brussels, opened a solidarity corridor to allow food to reach Africa from Ukraine via Hungary.

“Let us say it straightforwardly, we were cheated.

“The Ukrainian grain was not exported to Africa but has been sold here in Hungary for a price that is lower than grain of Hungarian farmers.

“It is squeezing our formers out of our own market.”

\u200bPresident Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelensky has criticised European nations over their role in the grain row


Orban’s comments come days after Ukraine complained to the World Trade Organisation against Hungary, Poland and Slovakia for their banning order.

Poland being a part of the cohort of countries imposing measures on Ukraine has proven to be a particular talking point, given the long term close relations between Warsaw and Kyiv.

Relations have soured as the three countries bid to protect farmers from the surge of grain and food imports from Ukraine.

Orban said the ongoing trend is “ruining Hungarian farmers” during his speech.

Poland’s frustrations were made clear by their decision to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.

Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky criticised the three nations while speaking at the United Nations on Tuesday, accusing the country’s friends in Europe of “making a thriller from grain”.

Poland has already sent Ukraine 320 Soviet-era tanks and 14 MiG-29 fighter jets and has little else in reserve to give the war-stricken nation.

Warsaw criticised his words, branding them “unjustified” while pointing to Poland’s support for Ukraine “since the first days of the war”.

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