Russian train derailed by 'improvised explosive device' as terror investigation launched

A derailed train

The incident took place in the Ryzan Region of Russia

Russia Investigative Committee
George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 13/11/2023

- 15:03

Russian authorities say an improvised explosive device was used to knock the train off its tracks

An investigation by Russian authorities is set to be carried out after an "improvised explosive device" knocked 19 carriages of a goods train off its tracks.

It comes as there has been an increase in sabotage attacks in Russia, with authorites often blaming Kyiv for incidents.

Russian authorities has not yet blamed Ukraine for the incident, which took place in the Ryzan region of Russia to the southeast of the capital.

The Russia investigative committee said: "According to the investigation, at 07.12 on November 11, 2023, an improvised explosive device exploded. As a result, 19 wagons of the freight train were derailed."

A Russian tank

Russia and Ukraine are clashing for position


​Moscow Railways has said the blast was caused by "the intervention of unauthorized persons"

It is reported by Moscow Railways that one employee was left injured in the incident.

The Russian armed forces use railways to transport goods to the front line, making them a common target.

It may not be Ukrainian forces who engaged in the incident, with several pro-Ukraine anti-Putin paramilitary groups operating out of Ukraine and carry out sabotage in Russia.

A Ukraine flag

Ukraine was invaded by Russia in 2022


Deputy commander of the Freedom of Russia Legion, callsign Caesar, said: ""There is a very big resistance [movement] from our Legion, which is present inside Russia.

"It is our guerrilla movement doing some acts of military sabotage: burning war commissariats, destroying railways in our fight against Putin."

It comes as Russia and Ukraine are clashing for position as the difficult winter period is about to begin.

Autumn rains can often cause issues for troop movements with the so-called "mud season" potentially causing delays.

Ukraine has recently increased its up strikes targeting "Russian military, logistics, and other high-profile assets in rear areas in occupied in Ukraine and Russia".

Meanwhile, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) which is covering the conflict, Russian forces are continuing to attack near Bakhmut in strikes over the weekend.

Ukraine and Russia have failed to capture significant amounts of territory, despite long periods of attacks over the weekend.

Multiple naval assets including warships and the Russian fleet's headquarters were destroyed using Western long-range missiles in the Black Sea.

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