Robert F Kennedy Jr issues chilling 'nuclear war' warning and says Nato could be 'destroyed' by Putin

Robert F Kennedy Jr

The nephew of John F Kennedy claims Ukraine is 'a proxy' and NATO is 'being dragged into' the war with Russia

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Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 14/08/2023

- 13:40

Updated: 14/08/2023

- 15:37

Robert F Kennedy Jr told GB News that NATO is 'weakening'

The nephew of John F Kennedy claims Ukraine is "a proxy" and NATO is "being dragged into" the war with Russia.

Robert F Kennedy Jr told GB News that NATO is "weakening" and "we are now at the edge of nuclear war".

Speaking exclusively on the Camilla Tominey Show, he also expressed his concerns, and recalled memories of his father and uncle’s assassination.

"Ukraine is a proxy in a geopolitical struggle between Russia and the United States and all of NATO is being dragged into it and it's going to destroy NATO because ultimately I don't think NATO, the other NATO countries like Greece, have the heart to join a war against Russia and nobody wants it.

"And that is going to expose a big weakness and you know in Section 5 of NATO, it obligates everybody to join.

"I think it's weakening NATO. It's exposed the United States, the paper tiger and it's forced Russia into the orbit of China.

"And we're now at the edge of nuclear war. It's a bad idea."

He added: "Every day we edge close to the nuclear war or to other, you know, nonconventional wars.

"We've pushed the Russians into the orbit of the Chinese, which is not a good geopolitical outcome. It's the worst geopolitical outcome and it's war that we don't need.

"In fact, you know, Biden, when he was asked why are we at war in Ukraine, he said we are there in order to do regime change in Russia.

"And then, his Defense Secretary Lloyd Osden in April of 2022 said that our role, our purpose in the Ukraine, is to exhaust the Russian army and degrade its capacity to fight anywhere else in the world.

"And that is the specific mission that the neocons have been writing since 2002."

The Democratic presidential candidate is now pushing on with his party candidacy campaign trail, despite experiencing death threats and trespassing incidents.

John F Kennedy with Robert F Kennedy Jnr WIKIMEDIACOMMONS

“Everyone in my family is aware of the risk but life is filled with risk,” Kennedy told US documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak.

Kennedy went on to explain that he was in no doubt about the “sacrifice that might be required to preserve America”.

However, he conceded that “it came as a surprise” to learn that he had been denied secret service protection, given that no presidential candidate who requested protection had ever been denied.

“We were very meticulous in documenting the peculiar threats that I’ve been facing and even 10 days ago we had a mentally ill person make it to the second story of my house.”

He added: “I commonly get death threats.”

Kennedy noted that the secret service had initially been “very helpful” but then “went dark,” as the Department for Homeland Security intervened.

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