Red Sea oil tanker targeted in new missile attack as 'explosions' heard

Red Sea oil tanker targeted in new missile attack as 'explosions' heard

WATCH NOW: US and UK launch fresh strikes on Houthis

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 26/01/2024

- 11:54

Updated: 26/01/2024

- 12:55

No damage has been reported and the crew are all safe, a security company in the region said

Two missiles fired off the coast of Yemen towards a tanker in the Red Sea have caused explosions, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) has said.

A Panama-flagged, Indian-affiliated oil tanker, positioned approximately 60 nautical miles from Yemen's city of Al Hudaydah, reported seeing an explosion and missiles a few miles from its position.

The UKMTO added another explosion at sea was seen around 0.5 nautical miles from the tanker.

Security Company Ambrey reported that no damage has been caused and the crew on the tanker are safe.

Oil tanker anchored 60 kilometers (37 miles) north of the port of Hudaydah, YemenThe tanker (not pictured) was targeted by missiles launched from the coast of YemenGetty

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The UKMTO said the vessel is proceeding to its next port of call and forces are responding.

Earlier today, the UKMTO said it had received a report of a separate incident involving another ship 60 nautical miles off the Red Sea port of Al Hudaydah.

It comes after Rishi Sunak issued a warning to Houthi rebels earlier this week, threatening further strikes if the attacks continue.


Houthi fighter stands on the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea

Houthi fighters have been attacking ships in the Red Sea in retaliation for Israel's actions in Gaza


Giving a statement in the House of Commons, he said: "I want to be very clear. We are not seeking a confrontation.

"We urge the Houthis and those who enable them to stop these illegal and unacceptable attacks.

“But, if necessary, the United Kingdom will not hesitate to respond again in self-defence.

"We cannot stand by and allow these attacks to go unchallenged. Inaction is also a choice.”

UK and US strike against Houthi rebel sites

The UK and US launched fresh strikes against Houthi rebel sites earlier this week


Houthi attacks on freight and military vessels in the Red Sea which began in November 2023, have led to action from the US, who launched Operation Prosperity Guardian alongside more than 20 other nations including the UK in December.

The militant rebels said the attacks are in response to Israel's military actions in Gaza.

With the Iran-backed rebels continuing to bombard ships, the EU is planning a “new military operation” which would bolster Operation Prosperity Guardian’s efforts to protect shipping lanes.

The UK and US unleashed air strikes on more than 60 Houthi targets last week in retaliation to the group’s actions.

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