'Was this aimed at us?' GB News' Mark White narrowly avoids being hit by Hamas rocket fired at media

'Was this aimed at us?' GB News' Mark White narrowly avoids being hit by Hamas rocket fired at media

Mark White details narrowly avoiding rocket

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 03/11/2023

- 16:48

Updated: 03/11/2023

- 17:18

The damage caused was clear to see

A Hamas rocket has caused panic as it narrowly avoided the news media stationed on the Gaza border.

GB News’ Home and Security Editor Mark White was among them, and he has detailed the terrifying scene.

No serious injuries were reported, but nearby vehicles were damaged and the rocket could be seen in the playground of a kindergarten.

White told GB News the media are gathered “en masse” in Sderot, where the rocket landed.

Mark White

A rocket landed near GB News' Mark White


The media were forced to run into a nearby bomb shelter.

“The question now I guess is, was this a deliberate targeting of the media?”, he asked.


“The media have been at this location for some time reporting live on what has happened.

“The concern is that perhaps the media have been targeted. We had just seconds to get into shelter.”

The Israel Defence Force stated that since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, more than 8,000 rockets have been fired at Israel, causing the evacuation of 250,000 civilians.

In a post to X, formerly known as Twitter, the IDF stressed “Israel is still under fire”, adding that over 300 rockets are fired at Israel daily.

A damaged vehicle after the rocket attack

A vehicle was left damaged as a result of the attack


They added that currently 242 hostages are in Gaza, with 30 of them being children.

The Israeli military earlier confirmed that 260 IDF troops have been wounded in the fighting in Gaza.

They added infantry and special forces had carried out 150 separate operations to evacuate the wounded.

In another post from the IDF, a video showed the Gaza Strip and Hamas’ military operational centres within it.

Media on the Gaza border

The press rushed into a nearby shelter


The video went on to reveal the area where Hamas terrorists are hiding as Israel bids to flush them out.

At the end of the video, the IDF emphasised, "Hamas must be eliminated and there's only one way to reach them, that's what we are doing now.

"Therefore, we have been urging the people of Gaza to evacuate south. For the past three weeks, this message was communicated to the people of Gaza in various forms-spoken, printed, or televised.”

They added its top priority is bringing home children, women and men who are being held hostage by Hamas while ensuring the terror group no longer has the ability to attack Israelis.

“The IDF is doing everything in its power to achieve this”, they added.

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