China has been executing RULE THE WORLD plan for the last 30 years – and the West is OBLIVIOUS

President Von Der Leyen and China's self reliance

President Von Der Leyen has warned of China's self reliance

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 29/11/2023

- 11:13

Updated: 29/11/2023

- 11:25

VDL insisted the answer had to be de-risking from China

China has been executing a hidden plan to secretly lead the world for as many as 30 years right under the noses of Western powers as the EU Commission president warned over the impending danger.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen denied the West was in a new Cold War with China but warned about China's preperation over the last three decades.

According to VDL, China has managed to reduce its dependencies on the world, while making the West more reliant.

In addition, she said Xi Jinping has been buying up mining operations across the globe and has begun stockpiling critical raw materials.

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The EU Commission President said: "[China] has very strategically in the last 20 to 30 years managed to reduce its dependencies on the world, but has increased strategically our dependencies on China.

"Just look at the topic of critical raw materials...China has bought mine, after mine, after mine, globally, takes the raw material, processes it in China and has the monopoly."

When asked if we are already in a new Cold War with China, von der Leyen said: "No, because there are intensive debates and this is good … We fight verbally with each other.

"We have different opinions, but it is good that we are talking to each other and that we are competing with each other to show what kind of governance brings the best results."


President von der Leyen has denied a new cold war with China


It comes as China specialist Brian Kennedy said Xi Jinping wants to "reorganise the world" and suggests the West is seeing "the early years" of a third World War.

He said: "I think Communist China's been exploiting their personal relationship with Joe Biden. I mean, if you believe Communist China is a threat, what would you do? You take steps to rebuild the American military."

President von der Leyen insisted the answer had to be de-risking from the eastern superpower, adding it is "A China that is more and more repressive domestically and assertive abroad."

She said: "Not decouple because it would not be in our interests. And I think it is not viable. But de-risk very clearly."

President Xi

China specialist Brian Kennedy said Xi Jinping wants to "reorganise the world"


She also gave a clear-cut assessment of Beijing’s increasingly authoritarian rule

"On the one hand, we see a China domestically that is challenged, an ageing society, demography, a severe housing crisis.

"Slowing down growth. Unexpected unemployment because the young generation leaving university does not find adequate jobs in the private sector anymore.

"So quite some challenges domestically."

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