Walt Disney ’spinning in his grave’ as entertainment giant prepares woke Mickey and Minnie Mouse revamp

Walt Disney ’spinning in his grave’ as entertainment giant prepares woke Mickey and Minnie Mouse revamp

Andrew Pierce hits out at Disney's new woke plans

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 19/04/2023

- 18:05

Disneyland will be playing host to 'Pride Nite'

Walt Disney will be “spinning in his grave” over the current state of affairs of the company he founded, according to GB News presenter Andrew Pierce.

It comes as the entertainment giant revealed woke plans to dress characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse in rainbow costumes at a ‘Pride Nite’ event at Disneyland, California.

The party was announced just moments after a press conference where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened to build a state prison next to the location.

Speaking on GB News, presenter Andrew Pierce and UK Director of the Common Sense Society Emma Webb criticised the move from the progressive giant.

Andrew Pierce discusses the woke Disney revamp

Andrew Pierce says Walt Disney will be 'spinning in his grave'

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Webb stated: “This is part of a war, it seems to be a provocation but also a bit of woke-washing from the corporation.

“The situation in Florida is that Disney have a special status. They have a special tax status and they almost operate as a Mickey Mouse principality.

“Ron DeSantis has been threatening to take away this status because of their exceptional woke-washing.

“Disney have certain historical ties to things which the woke progressive causes certainly won’t agree with, so this may be a case of yet another corporation really trying to put their flag in the woke territory and be a player on that stage.”

A punter enjoys Disneyland

Disney have been at odds with Ron DeSantis


Agreeing with the sentiments put forward, Andrew Pierce added Walt Disney would be “spinning in his grave” at what the giant corporation has become.

The move from the company comes as it finds itself in DeSantis’ sights after ex-CEO Bob Chapek criticised Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill - known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law.

The event will see all things LGBTQ celebrated, and characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse will don special rainbow costumes.

Some believe Pride Nite is being used to further stoke tensions with the Governor, but Disney has long held ‘gay days’ for fans at its US theme parks.

Disney began its dispute with Florida in 2022 when company officials publicly spoke out against the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

The law prohibits instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for children in Florida schools through third grade.

‘Pride Nite’ celebrations will be held on June 13 and June 15 with tickets costing $139.

Characters will be in ‘special attire’ and will be available for photo opportunities with ‘pride-themed backdrops”.

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