Wales to debate SCRAPPING  controversial 20mph zones in just days

Wales to debate SCRAPPING  controversial 20mph zones in just days
Hannah Woodward

By Hannah Woodward

Published: 15/04/2024

- 17:28

The Welsh Conservatives will call on the Welsh Government to have a more ‘targeted approach’ to 20mph speed limits

Many motorists across Wales are now used to sticking to 20mph in built up areas – but a critical debate this week means this could change.

The Welsh Conservatives are calling for a debate this week to scrap the policy in its entirety.

The law saw Wales become the first country in the United Kingdom to adopt a default 20mph limit in built up areas on 17th September – only becoming enforceable by the Police earlier this January.

The Welsh Government said the policy would help save the NHS £92million a year and save lives.

The changes mean if a driver is caught doing above 20mph, in theory the driver could face attending a speed awareness course, a fine or points on their license.
The Welsh Conservatives says the policy is ‘holding Wales back’.

Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS, said Labour Ministers are ‘pushing their anti-motorist agenda’.

“The people of Wales want to get on with their daily lives, yet Labour’s lack of investment in public transport, road building ban, and 20mph speed limits are preventing them from doing exactly this.

“We’ll be calling on the Welsh Labour Government to end their war on motorists, scrap their road building ban and 20mph speed limits, and to get Wales moving again.”

The Welsh Conservatives will also call on the Welsh Government to instead have a more ‘targeted approach’ to 20mph speed limits.

The debate comes as the petition opposing the 20mph policy nears half a million signatures. 469,571 people have signed the petition so far, an unprecedented amount in the Senedd’s history.

Responding to the motion, a Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The Cabinet Secretary has been clear that his immediate priority on 20mph is to listen. “To support this, in the weeks ahead he will be engaging with elected representatives, businesses and communities across Wales.”

This isn’t the first attempt to challenge this policy. Lee Waters – the architect of the policy – was subject to an unsuccessful no confidence vote, following the 20mph implementation.

The debate will commence late Wednesday afternoon.

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