Hollywood blasted for ‘lionising the Founding Fathers’ as hit movie ‘makes only white character evil’

Hollywood blasted for ‘lionising the Founding Fathers’ as hit movie ‘makes only white character evil’

Jeremy Carl has blasted Hollywood

Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 24/05/2024

- 18:53

Fellow at Claremont Institute Jeremy Carl spoke to GBN America

Political commentator and fellow at Claremont Institute, Jeremy Carl, has blasted Hollywood for it's criminalisation of white-people.

Speaking about his new book on GBN America which claims the US is being torn apart by “anti-white” racism, Carl told Steven Edginton that the entertainment industry ‘lionises the Founding Fathers’ in the smash hit Hamilton.

Speaking about the Broadway show, which is now a film he said: "If you look at a musical like Hamilton, which in certain ways was a big Broadway smash is an intermediate example, and in certain ways it's kind of lionising the Founding father.

"But ultimately the only white character in that movie, it became a movie but it was a show, the bad guy is King George and everybody else is a minority, right? So that is sort of saying something.

Jeremy Carl, Steven Edginton

Jeremy Carl spoke to GBN America

GBN America

“I think beyond those cultural examples, there’s all sorts of other examples. Whether it be in health care or monuments coming down."

He also explained: "There's actually left wing scholars who have looked at how different races and ethnic groups have been portrayed in Hollywood over a long period of time.

"What's interesting is even going back to the 1960s, white people on average, are portrayed more negatively in movies than non-white people.

"Now, that is not to say that there have not been movies with ethnic stereotypes and what have you, but it just means that on balance, that's what they have found.

"Then even when you go to things that are almost more powerful, the media scholar Marshall McLuhan would say, than the TV and movies themselves.

"Look at commercials, so there's an entire Twitter or X account called White People or Stupid in commercials, and it's just dedicated to having dumb looking white guys doing stupid things and they are saved by the wiser minority."

Hollywood signs

The author said America is a “systematically racist country against whites


"This is a trope within the ad community. People are kind of even aware that this goes on, but that's kind of the level to which we're talking about.

Asked if America is a “systematically racist country against whites”, he responded: “I think that’s probably fair to say.

“I have some problems with the king of term systemic racism, which is why I paused just a little bit there before answering it.

“I would say it’s systematically discriminatory against whites. You see this through what we call affirmative action.

Jeremy Carl

He blasted Hamilton for making the "only white character evil"


“I don’t attempt to whitewash America’s history or to claim that there are no other forms of racism or discrimination in the US, there clearly are”, he said.

"There has been many books talking about them and documenting them.

"I argue within the book that the most politically salient and socially salient forms of racism today in America are racism against white people.”

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