‘Greatest humiliation since Saigon!’ World renowned historian says Biden ‘left allies hanging’ with Afghanistan withdrawal

‘Greatest humiliation since Saigon!’ World renowned historian says Biden ‘left allies hanging’ with Afghanistan withdrawal

Victor Davis Hanson says US enemies 'sensed weakness' with Biden's move

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/04/2024

- 16:12

Victor Davis Hanson says US enemies sensed 'weakness'

Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan left the USA’s allies ‘hanging’, world renowned historian Victor Davis Hanson has claimed.

Speaking on GBN America, he discussed the President’s move that prompted a chaotic evacuation from the war-stricken nation and effectively handed the reins to the Taliban.

Hanson told Nigel Farage that as a result, the US is now viewed in a different manner worldwide.

Asked whether it was a moment enemies to the West sensed ‘weakness’, he affirmed ‘it was’.

Joe Biden and Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson says Biden handed the initiative to allies with his Afghanistan decision


“That was the moment Americans did too [saw weakness]”, he said.

“There was still this goodwill as we have for newly inaugurated presidents.


“Prior to August 2021, he was polling around 53-54 per cent approval. That immediately went down to 42 per cent.

“The American people saw it as a disaster. We had just spent $400 million at Bagram with the biggest airbase in Central Asia, which would give us all sorts of options with Iran, China or Russia.

“We could have watched the Taliban and the way they were behaving and we fled in the greatest humiliation since Saigon.

“We left our allies hanging without notice. We left thousands of American contractors, tens of thousands of sympathetic Afghans who were murdered or are sought out.”

\u200bPresident Joe Biden

Joe Biden's decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan has long been criticised

Nigel Farage and Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson joined Nigel Farage on GBN America


Hanson fears Biden’s decision that saw some 125,000 people, including nearly 6,000 Americans, being flown out of Kabul also left some high-tech hardware in the hands of the enemy.

“We left all this hardware that’s now appearing all over the world”, he said.

“Also terrorist contracts. Our enemies thought, ‘if they’re going to do that, they’re not going to do anything to us’.

“Almost immediately, Putin had mass troops on the border. We heard Biden say that if he goes in it’s a minor offensive, there will be no consequences.”

A report into the affair last year criticised Biden’s handling of the 2021 evacuation, but the White House defended their actions.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted the president ‘had to make a decision’ and the US had poured ‘billions of dollars into a war with no end in sight’.

“He wanted to stop that, he wanted to end that”, she said.

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