Joe Biden blames the PRESS for Trump's polling surge before awkwardly rolling back: 'I'm teasing'

Joe Biden blames the PRESS for Trump's polling surge before awkwardly rolling back: 'I'm teasing'

Joe Biden blames the press for Trump's polling surge

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 31/01/2024

- 16:36

The US President added he believes Trump should be allowed on the ballot

Joe Biden has blamed the press for Donald Trump’s lead in the presidential polls.

Speaking to reporters before boarding Air Force One, the 81-year-old was quizzed on a variety of matters relating to the Middle East, before being asked about his prospects for a second term.

Asked whether Trump should be “allowed” on the ballot as he deals with a litany of legal cases, Biden said, “as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine”.

The reporter then swiftly followed up by asking, “why is he leading in the polls if he is a ‘threat to democracy’, as you say?”

Joe Biden

Joe Biden was quizzed by reporters before boarding Air Force One


Biden, laughing at the reporter, quipped in response: “Because of guys like you.”

The President then clarified the comment, telling the journalist “I’m teasing, man, I’m teasing” as he rowed back on the assertion.


Trump’s laser focus on immigration is increasingly proving to be Biden’s achilles heel, with new polling showcasing Americans increasingly aligning themselves with the former.

New Bloomberg/Morning Consult data shows the percentage of voters who said immigration was the “single most important issue” to them in November went up in six of the seven states polled.

\u200bPresident Joe Biden

Joe Biden claims he has been successful in economic matters


Trump faces four criminal cases and 91 counts


61 per cent of those voters in those states believe Biden is at least somewhat responsible for the wave of migration on the US-Mexico border.

On the same question, 30 per cent blamed the Trump administration and 38 per cent blamed congressional Republicans.

The seven states featured are Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Were the election to be held today in a one-one-one matchup, Biden is lagging behind Trump by an average of 48 percent to 42 per cent across the seven states.

Despite Biden pointing to a healthy economy, the same poll paints a bleak picture on the matter for the oldest sitting President in US history.

While the economy is the most important issue in every state polled, 51 per cent said they trusted Trump to manage it compared to 33 per cent for Biden.

Trump’s legal battles could yet prove to be his downfall, with the poll showing 23 per cent of self-identified swing-state Republicans saying they would reject Trump in 2024 if he is convicted of a crime.

He currently faces four criminal cases and 91 counts.

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