Trump would be a ‘world-stabilising’ president and he would ‘terrify’ Putin claims ex-White House official

Trump would be a ‘world-stabilising’ president and he would ‘terrify’ Putin claims ex-White House official

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Keith Bays

By Keith Bays

Published: 09/04/2024

- 21:37

Updated: 10/04/2024

- 07:51

Trump claimed he could 'end the Ukraine war in one day'

A former top White House official to President Donald Trump, has described a second Trump presidency as “world stabilising” but “terrifying” for Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s former strategist and host of the America First radio show, Dr Sebastian Gorka, claimed that a second Trump term would make the world a safer place, with another “4 years without war”.

He claims that Putin is “terrified” of his old boss and that Trump could “end the war in one day” between Russia and Ukraine.

The war between Russia and Ukraine first started in February 2022, and has resulted in the United States providing over $113billion (£89.13billion) in military equipment, humanitarian aid, and financial support to Ukraine.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Trump would be a ‘world-stabilising’ president but he would ‘terrify’ Putin


During the previous Trump administration, no new wars were started by the United States in that period with the former President championing a peace through strength strategy.

It was evident in November last year whilst addressing a rally in New Hampshire, that the former President was determined to return to this strategy again if he was to win a second term in the White House, with Trump saying: “It is my commitment to you that you will not have World War III.

He added: “As president, I will restore strength, power and prestige.”

The Trump doctrine did contain other countries such as Iran and with a maximum pressure policy, which starved the Iranian regime of the money required to fund their terrorist proxies.

Donald Trump

Trump pledged to 'restore strength, power and prestige'


Speaking exclusively to GB News, Dr Gorka said: “Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran will all be put back in their respective boxes, as was the case during the 4 years of our Administration.”

Elsewhere, since President Biden took office, the United States has seen the price of oil and gas spike, leading to the release of over 230 million barrels of oil from the country's strategic reserve to try and keep prices down.

This has impacted foreign policy with the United States having to request that Ukraine alter its operational decisions, by cutting back on the targeting of Russian oil refineries.

In response, Dr Gorka said: “In the first hundred days we would sign hundreds of executive orders which negated all the word we had done.

“Lead priorities would be to seal the border and unleash the oil and gas sectors to make us energy independent again.”

Vladimir Putin

Trump claimed he could end the Ukraine war in just one day


The Biden administration did apply further sanctions against Russia in March, in response to the death of opposition politician Alexey Navalny, this attempt to starve Russia of the money it needs to fund its war in Ukraine has so far failed to stop Putin’s attack on another sovereign nation.

In response, Greg Swenson, Chair of Republicans Overseas said: “Trump 2.0 would at the very least be a course correction for the US and the world. In many ways, it would serve as a rejection of Biden’s destructive presidency.

“In the first 100-day, Trump will reverse Biden's hostility to the US energy sector. He will liberate the private sector, especially in oil and gas production.

“He will liberate the private sector, especially in oil and gas production. This will not only reduce energy prices for Americans but will increase supply and lower prices globally.

“Biden has enabled our adversaries (Iran, Russia) with higher oil prices. Trump will reverse that self-inflicted wound.”

Robert Weiner, Democratic strategist & Political Commentator, said: “All institutions would become trump vehicles if he (Trump) were to win.”

Speaking on Trump’s claim that he could end the Ukraine war in one day, Weiner said: “Anyone could end the war if Zelensky gave up eastern Ukraine land, currently a nonstarter.”

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