Asylum seekers 'given court dates in 2030’: Staggering TRUTH as Ashley St Clair says immigration is 2024 issue

Asylum seekers 'given court dates in 2030’: Staggering TRUTH as Ashley St Clair says immigration is 2024 issue

WATCH NOW: US asylum seekers given court dates in 2030

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 12/01/2024

- 18:00

Over six million people have illegally crossed into the US from Mexico since Joe Biden took office in 2021

The US border force efforts have been criticised by Ashley St. Clair, as it has been revealed that asylum seekers entering the United States may have to wait ten years for their claims to be heard.

In December 2023 alone, over 230,000 people crossed the US-Mexico border illegally, adding increasing pressure for US President Joe Biden.

This month, U.S. Customs and Border Protection claimed the numbers of illegal migrants making the journey has declined, and have begun to reopen four of their currently closed checkpoints.

The legal borders in Texas, Arizona and California will reopen again, as forces say they will prioritise security "as necessary".

Migrants in New York

US Migration is surging in states such as New York


US President Joe Biden told media this week that his administration "must be given money he needs to protect the border".

The demand comes as Border Force teams struggled to process nearly 11,000 asylum claims in a single day in December last year.

Appearing on GB News, author and broadcaster Ashley St Clair said the US migration surge is a "global issue", and accused Biden's administration of having an "open border to the world".

St. Clair added that the growing pressure on Biden to get on top of illegal border crossings could be "divisive" for the upcoming US Presidential election.

St. Clair told host Mark Dolan: "We need to hold the Biden administration accountable, because this is a very administration specific issue.

"They are allowing anybody who comes here and claims asylum to stay here, and some of these individuals don't have court dates to even vet their asylum claims until the 2030s mark."

St. Clair added: "This is the top issue for the Republicans".

Mark asked St. Clair for her thoughts on the left's view that "America needs cheap labour and young people", to which she accused the left of being "racist".

Ashley St Clair

Ashley St Clair revealed asylum seekers are being given court dates in 2030

GB News

St. Clair explained: "I would say that's probably racist to say that the only thing immigrants are good for is cheap labour.

"If you go down to any of the border states or what they call sanctuary cities here now, like New York City, they are completely overwhelmed. We do not have the infrastructure for it."

She continued: "High schools are now housing illegal migrants because there's nowhere else to put them. We're spending a billion dollars over the course of the next three years to house them in hotels."

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