‘I took three of them!’ GB News viewer who confronted Sunak over Covid jabs lashes out at ‘anti-vax’ jibes

‘I took three of them!’ GB News viewer who confronted Sunak over Covid jabs lashes out at ‘anti-vax’ jibes

John Watt hits back at 'anti-vax' jibes

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 13/02/2024

- 23:03

Watt is an official witness giving evidence at the Covid inquiry

GB News viewer John Watt has lashed out at suggestions he is an “anti-vaxxer” after he confronted Rishi Sunak at last night’s People’s Forum.

Watt, who is an official witness giving evidence at the Covid inquiry, used the event as an opportunity to confront Sunak over his adverse reaction to the jab, branding his response “pathetic”.

He demanded the PM “look him in the eye” as he unleashed a diatribe at the astonished Prime Minister.

The moment has since been widely discussed with the Daily Mirror’s Kevin Maguire hitting out at the 38-year-old on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, branding him an “anti-vaxxer”.

John Watt

John Watt joined Patrick Christys on GB News


Speaking on GB News’s Patrick Christys Tonight, Watt said such accusations are “stupid” and his own track record is evidence as to why.

“I took three of them [vaccines]”, he said.


“Does that man [Maguire] know how stupid he sounds by saying that?

“The language people are using right now, to be completely honest, the narrative of safe and effective, is no longer.

“I ask anyone, someone show me the data to show this saved one single life? Since the rollout, there has been a massive increase in people dying.

“I’m not going to be a ‘died suddenly’ statistic. The vaccine injured and bereaved have to be heard.”

Rishi SunakRishi Sunak was grilled by audience members at the GB News People's ForumGB News
An infuritated audience memberA GB News People's Forum audience member was furious at the PMGB NEWS

Watt hit out at Sunak in his rant, arguing he and many others have been “left with no help at all”.

“Why have I had to set up a support group in Scotland to look after the people that have been affected by the Covid-19 vaccine?

“Why are the people who are in charge, who told us all to do the right things, have left us all to rot and left and me and the 10s of thousands in this country to rot?”

He went on to lash out at the scheme in place for financial support for those affected by the vaccine, branding it “not fit for purpose”.

The safety of vaccines has undergone extensive reviews in both adults and children by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulator Agency (MHRA).

The body continues to monitor the safety of vaccines and reports of serious side effects are very rare.

The studio audience for the GB News event was made up of a cross-section of UK voters.

The audience recruitment was carried out by Survation who worked to provide a representative array of voices for the event.

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