Tesco: Woman gives birth in Superstore after popping in to buy cat food and painkillers

Tesco: Woman gives birth in Superstore after popping in to buy cat food and painkillers

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 26/01/2024

- 10:35

A first-aid trained staff member was able to deliver her baby in 30 minutes

A pregnant woman popped into her local Tesco to pick up some paracetamol and cat food but came home with something far more valuable – a baby boy.

Lauren Ewings, 27, went into labour four weeks earlier than her due date, giving birth to her third child at the supermarket in Devon.

She had woken up to some discomfort but had assumed they were false labour pains, otherwise known as Braxton Hicks.

The 27-year-old pushed through the pain, dropping off her eldest child at school before stopping off at Tesco Tiverton to pick up her shopping.

Tesco Tiverton/Baby Edward

Lauren Ewings gave birth to a baby boy whilst at a Tesco superstore in Devon

Google Street View/Lauren Ewings

Upon walking through the doors, her water broke. She scrambled to the disabled toilet to try and clean herself up, whilst calling her partner to come to her assistance.

However, as she waited in the toilet, she began to feel a heavy pressure “down below”.

Ewings called her mother and auntie, who proceeded to ring an ambulance and the Tesco store for help.

A staff member, Lisa Haymes, rushed to her aid and put up a privacy screen. The first aid-trained employee was able to successfully deliver the baby within 30 minutes.


Baby Edward

Lauren Ewings was four weeks earlier than her due date

Lauren Ewings

Lauren told DevonLive: “I got into the disabled toilets, and five or 10 minutes later, I felt a heavy pressure down below, so I called my mum. She called the ambulance cause I was in so much pain. My auntie, who was with her at the time, called Tesco Tiverton to try and get someone to come and help me.

“I'd been on the phone for about 10 minutes, and then five minutes later Lisa, who works at Tesco, came in and then two minutes later, I crouched down, and he started coming out. Two minutes later, I delivered the placenta, and then about 15 minutes later, the paramedics arrived.

“I went in at 9:10 am and he was born by 9:40 am. It was really quick, especially because my two previous children were c-sections, and this was my first natural birth, so I didn't have any pain relief or anything."

She said that the child had jaundice and medics were concerned that he may have a heart murmur. However, he is otherwise in good condition.

Tesco Tiverton superstore

The pregnant woman gave birth in a disabled cubicle at the Tesco Tiverton superstore

Google Street View


Lauren Ewings popped into the store (not pictured) to buy paracetamol and cat food when he water broke as she walked through the doors


The premature baby was named Edward and weighed six pounds two.

The 27-year-old thanked the staff at Tesco Tiverton for their help, calling them all “fantastic”.

Haymes, who has worked at Tesco for 30 years, knew she had to step in to deliver Ewings’ baby when she saw her cowering in the cubicle in immense pain.

She said: “I had to deliver it there and then relying on adrenaline and instinct.

“I feel an incredible sense of pride that I made a difference to someone's life and was able to help deliver Eddie successfully.”

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