Sadiq Khan admits eco Low Traffic Neighbourhood is failing Londoners: 'It's not been great'

Sadiq Khan has admitted the LTN is "not working"​
Sadiq Khan has admitted the LTN is "not working"
George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 01/03/2024

- 07:32

Updated: 01/03/2024

- 08:59

The Streatham Wells LTN has been hit with gridlock problems, according to the mayor

Sadiq Khan has confessed that one of his favourite Low Traffic neighbourhoods is "not working".

The London Mayor has said the area has been hit with gridlock problems and bus services have been ruined.

The Streatham Wells LTN in Lambeth has seen buses travelling as slowly as 1.5mph since it was introduced in October last year.

Now, the Labour politician has said his team is looking into the area ahead of the mayoral election in May.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan\u200b

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan


Speaking on LBC, he said: "It's not working and we've asked the council to look at it urgently" adding that it was "causing huge problems" and having '"unintended consequences" such as people avoiding public transport.

He told a listener affected by the south London LTN: "You'll get some news very soon about the changes the council are going to make to that LTN because the evidence is that in the first few months, it's not been great."

Transport for London (TfL) data shows that last week the A23, which runs along the western side of the LTN, became so bogged down in traffic that it took the bus 121 minutes to travel 2.9 miles.

Three quarters of another bus route were diverted around the LTN during rush hour while another route forged a path straight through it, Department of Transport data shows. Since 2020, hundreds of LTNs have been introduced across the country but there is growing controversy about the schemes.


Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has come under fire for his stance on motorists


Residents and business owners in the area have spoken out against the legislation, saying it is causing traffic issues.

Harriet De Wolff, 57, who owns The Indigo Tree on Streatham High Road, said: "It is an absolute nightmare. It's definitely not good for pollution. It's made it worse.

"I can taste the fumes in my mouth as I walk down Streatham High Road. That didn't use to be the case, but now, all the cars and buses stopped in traffic – it's causing more and more pollution. People who live on this street will never be able to open their windows again."

Bus driver John Monroe said journey times have doubled since the route was introduced.

The 48 year old said: "What was once an hour journey now takes over two hours. It's definitely quicker to walk or cycle than take the bus, but not everyone can do that.

"It kind of defeats the purpose of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, because it's not stopping the congestion – it's creating more. There's more pollution.

"Passengers hate it too. We're not allowed to open the doors apart from at bus stops, but I have people asking all the time if they can get off – because we're stuck in traffic, and they know they'll get there quicker by walking."

GB News has approached Lambeth Council for a comment.

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