Former KGB officer says Russia attack is 'normal' - 'Special services don't care'

Former KGB officer says Russia attack is 'normal' - 'Special services don't care'
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Published: 08/12/2023

- 11:23

A FORMER Russian KGB Officer says he is unsurprised by reports of Russian attacks against the UK.

Talking on Breakfast, Stephen Dixon asked: "Should we be even remotely surprised that Russia appears to be spying on the UK?"

Alexander Vassiliev said: "I think it's a normal thing. British culture has been a part of the rest of Russian culture for centuries. People love Britain, normal people love Britain,

“Putin himself 20 years ago said that Russian culture is Western European culture. And Russia is Europe culturally. It is Europe. I mean, Britain is one of the most popular countries and Russia on the same level.

“Clearly there has been a bit of spying going on.

But I think that we should accept it as just the normal thing and that people are doing their jobs.

If you don't like them, arrest them and deport them. That's it.

"That's the way to do it. I mean, Russians are pretty cool about espionage generally, and they normally don't make they don't raise a big stink about it.

“When this type of scandal happens, it's mostly coming from politicians, not from our special services. No eyebrows need to be raised.”

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