‘Should remain British!’ Andrew Pierce hits out at foreign takeover of Royal Mail

‘Should remain British!’ Andrew Pierce hits out at foreign takeover of Royal Mail
'Should remain British!’ Andrew Pierce hits out at foreign takeover of Royal …
GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 29/05/2024

- 15:37

Royal Mail will be taken over by a Czech billionaire after it accepted a £3.6billion takeover offer

GB News host Andrew Pierce has been left fuming at the takeover of Royal Mail and claimed that it "should remain British."

This comes after it was revealed that Royal Mail will be taken over by a Czech billionaire after it accepted a £3.6billion takeover offer.

The 500-year-old organisation employs more than 150,000 people across the UK and will now be owned by Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský’s firm, EP Group.

Raging about the takeover on GB News, Pierce fumed: "We don't want it owned by a foreign company, a foreigner. These are institutions should remain British. It's called the Royal Mail the stamps have the King's head on them."

Andrew Pierce, Bev Turner

Andrew Pierce fumed at the takeover

GB News

His co-host Bev Turner asked him: "Do we want it to remain British or be nationalised, do you think? Because obviously there's a huge difference."

Andrew responded: "It hasn't worked, but partly that would be because management has been useless. The management will say the unions have been restrictive and opposed to reform in working practices."


Bev added: "This is going to be such a massive issue on Keir Starmer's desk. Which of these industries and utility providers, I'm thinking also of the water industries, does he nationalise at great expense to the taxpayer?

"Which of them does he leave in private hands, even if foreign owners take over? Or will it be a combination of both."

Kretinsky's has agreed that Royal Mail will deliver first-class post six days a week for the next five years after the acquisition but there are no confirmations on what could happen after this period.

Jonathan Reynolds, Labour’s shadow business secretary, commenting on the development in the sale of Royal Mail, said: "Royal Mail is an iconic British institution with a unique place in our society and infrastructure.

Royal MailRoyal Mail has agreed a takeover offer from Czech millionairePA

"Labour will take the necessary steps to safeguard its undeniable identity and place in public life.

"These assurances are welcome that Royal Mail will retain its British identity and safeguard its workforce with no compulsory redundancies. Labour in government will ensure these are adhered to.

"While the Conservatives have ignored Royal Mail, Labour will ensure that it delivers once again for customers and postal workers."

The billionaire, aka the "Czech Sphinx" has various other investments including shares of West Ham Football Club and Sainsbury's.

Andrew Pierce, Bev Turner

Andrew Pierce claimed that it should remain British

GB News

Unions and senior politicians have previously raised concerns about the potential takeover of the postal service. The acquisition will take Royal Mail’s parent company off the London stock market 11 years after it was privatised.

The Labour Party previously called for a commitment for the Royal Mail to remain domiciled in the UK and keep paying tax here as part of any deal.

Dave Ward, communication workers union general secretary said on Wednesday: "We do welcome some of the commitments that have been made but the reality is postal workers across the UK have lost all faith in the senior management of Royal Mail and the service has been deliberately run down.

"We will meet with EP Group next week and call for a complete reset in employee and industrial relations, the restoration of postal services and further commitments on the future of the company.

"We will also be directly engaging with the Labour Party and other stakeholders to call for a new model of ownership for Royal Mail where our members and customers have a direct say in key decisions and the creation of a golden share which will protect a key part of the UK’s communications infrastructure."

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