Paedophile teacher banned from prison release after being caught meeting up with girlfriend for ‘romps’

Barber (left) and Delaney (right)

Barber (left) and Delaney (right)

Sex Offenders Database/Essex Police
Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 25/08/2023

- 14:47

The former teacher was jailed for six years and two months back in 2021

A paedophile teacher has been blocked from being released from prison after she was caught meeting up with her new girlfriend for “romps”.

Kandice Barber, 37, was granted a temporary prison release and had been working at a site building council homes in west London but this has since been revoked.

She was jailed for six years and two months back in 2021 after she groomed one of her 15-year-old students and then slept with them in a field.

Barber was allowed to work on the site in Hounslow as part of a privilege scheme set up by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to reintegrate inmates before their release.

Kandice Barber

Kandice Barber

Sex Offenders Database

However, Barber used the scheme to meet up with convicted fraudster and lover Jay Delaney, whom she first met behind bars.

The couple were found to be cuddling and holding hands during their walks to and from work before sneaking off for secret romps, the Sun reported.

Following the report, the MoJ stripped both Barber and Delaney of their temporary freedom.

Pictures obtained by the tabloid show the pair posing for selfies outside London Bridge and Maidstone East stations.


Jay Delaney

Jay Delaney

Essex Police

“We are investigating these photographs and the prisoners involved have been suspended from release on temporary licence,” a Prison Service spokesperson told The Sun.

“Prisoners found breaking the rules will be punished.”

Following their release from prison, the couple are reported to be intending to buy a house together.

Barber, a mum of three, flirted with her 15-year-old male student after she sent sexually charged messages during a school assembly.

The blonde asked the student, “do you like boobs or bum?” and then proceeded to send a photo of herself on a bed surrounded by sex toys.

During her trial, it was revealed the teacher kissed the boy on the neck and ­whispered “What do you want to do now?” before driving him to a field where they had sex.

Her wrongdoing was discovered after a topless picture she sent her victim was passed to the headteacher of their school.

Delaney was handed a five-year prison sentence after she was found to have stolen £338,000 from 38 of her friends.

The fraudster gambled away the money after “preying” on friends and asking them to hand over their life savings.

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