'Met BANNED EDL march!' Nigel Farage asks why can't 'cowardly' Mark Rowley ban Palestine march?

'Met BANNED EDL march!' Nigel Farage asks why can't 'cowardly' Mark Rowley ban Palestine march?

'Met BANNED EDL march!': Why can't 'COWARDLY' Mark Rowley ban Palestine march?

GB News
Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 09/11/2023

- 13:10

Updated: 09/11/2023

- 13:18

Nigel offered a solution to fears that pro-Palestinian protesters could interrupt this year's November 11 commemorations

GB news’ Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg have come together to discuss the prevalence of pro-Palestinian marches in the UK, and fears these could affect Remembrance Day proceedings.

Nigel joined Jacob as a guest on his show ‘State of the Nation with Jacob Rees-Mogg’, getting right into the discussion, saying: “Jacob, your optimism. You know that you respectfully ask people not to march as a mark of their Britishness. The problem is many of those marching hate us.

“They hate what we stand for. They hate our values. They have no respect for this country's history, for its background, for its culture. And what we're seeing is an aspect of multiculturalism that has failed horrendously.”

Jacob seemed to agree: “Well, integration is the key to successful race relations. And there's clearly a problem that has come from mass migration - 600,000 last year - meaning integration has not taken place.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage discuss Palestinian protests on Remembrance Day

GB News

Nigel continued, “These people are going to come to London on Saturday. Had the march been called off a few days ago, it might have been possible to maintain some sense of order in London. These people are coming. The question is how do we deal with it?

“I think Mark Rowley, frankly, has been cowardly. I mean, after all, the Met banned an EDL march in East London in 2011. On the basis, ‘Oh well there are known troublemakers on that march that could cause violence’.”

Jacob chimed in, “Mark Rowley must be pretty sure that there won't be violence, because he's got every opportunity to ban it on the grounds of serious public disorder.”

Nigel came back, “There’s been violence the last three Saturdays. Why wouldn't there be violence this Saturday?!


\u200bPro-Palestine protests

Pro-Palestine protesters


“And the risks are worse this week, because you haven't just got on Saturday a wreath laying at 11:00 at the cenotaph. You go all around West London. There are divisional memorial, regimental memorials. And there'll be gatherings of veterans at all of those!

“Sadiq Khan, by the way, who got rid of Cressida Dick, who has considerable power over the Met Commissioner, hasn't said a word, and the government don't want to get involved.”

Jacob defended the Conservatives saying they ‘don’t have the power to ban it’, though Nigel pointed out they could use emergency powers.

Nigel criticised Met Police Chief Mark Rowley “Well, his force have been turning a blind eye to violence, Turning a blind eye to people shouting jihad, turning a blind eye to many pro Hamas messages.

Cenotaph with barriers raised around it

Fears are rising that the Cenotaph could be targeted for protests on Remembrance Day.

GB News

“Clear breaches of the law, breaches of the Terrorism Act, actually in some cases. And they've been turning a blind eye for three weeks. And I guess he thinks, well, there are more of them than there are of us on the streets.

“A lot of people, Jacob, feel very angry. A chap walks down a High Street in East London and films Palestinian flags and says ‘Why on earth are all these people here?’, and he's facing a court trial at some point in the future. And there's a feeling that actually, we're giving in again and again and again to the pro-Palestinian lot.”

Finally, Nigel suggested a solution to the anticipated disorder: “There is a good compromise here. You allow the pro-Palestinians to come to London on Saturday. You allow them to assemble, to gather in Hyde Park. So that is yours. And you can have it from midday till 5:00 in the evening or whatever it is. But if you step outside of that and start protesting outside regimental memorials or whatever it is, you will be arrested!”

Jacob supported Nigel’s proposal, saying, “That actually that strikes me as being a really sensible idea. It's also something where the government would potentially have the power to get injunctions and so on to protect areas that they thought were particularly sensitive.”

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