Man, 48, suffered brain injury and died due to 'aggressive complications' from AstraZeneca Covid jab, coroner rules

Man, 48, suffered brain injury and died due to 'aggressive complications' from AstraZeneca Covid jab, coroner rules
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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 18/08/2022

- 15:03

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:44

Lord Zion died two weeks after having a shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine

A 48-year-old man suffered a “catastrophic brain injury” and died of complications from the AstraZeneca Covid jab, a corner has ruled.

Rock singer, Lord Zion, died on May 19 at the Royal Victoria infirmary in Newcastle, two weeks after a having a shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

An inquest into his death held yesterday heard how how Zion suffered a migraine on May 13, with his condition deteriorating in the days following.

A paramedic, who was called out to Zion’s house on May 15, explained how the singer was “alert and sat up” when she arrived.

Lord Zion (left) and Vikki Spit
Lord Zion (left) and Vikki Spit
GB News

The paramedic, who said she was not given official guidance about the AstraZeneca jab until around July, added that she urged Zion to go to hospital for further checks.

She says this advice was turned down amid fears of catching Covid-19.

Zion’s fiancé Vikki Spit disagreed with the paramedic’s take of events, saying the health professional was “adamant” it had nothing to do with the jab.

Ms Spit also added that Zion was “prepared to go to hospital if the advice was to do so".

A review of the visit was later carried out, concluding that the paramedic did a “thorough assessment' and there were “no concerns”.

A second paramedic, who visited Zion’s home on May 17, 2021, said he was “confused and vacant” upon his arrival.

Zion suffered a small seizure and was subsequently taken to Carlisle Hospital by ambulance.

The rock singer was then sent to Royal Victoria infirmary, with the view of being operated on immediately.

Lord Zion and Vikki Spit
Lord Zion and Vikki Spit
GB News

The neurosurgeon who carried out the operation, Damian Holliman, said how Zion’s pupils were unresponsive to light and he was suffering from bleeding on the brain.

Mr Holliman added that he was "fully aware" the blood clot “was the result of his recent vaccination”.

When asked whether he believed the jab was the direct result of the complications, Mr Holliman said: “I don't have any other reason to think it was anything else."

He added that his thrombosis was “related somehow to the vaccination”.

Two other consultants from the hospital gave evidence at the inquest and both agreed that Zion had suffered complications from the vaccine.

In conclusion, senior coroner Karen Dilks said: “Zion died due to very rare and aggressive complications of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccination."

Ms Dilks added that there was “no evidence that earlier hospital admission would have altered the sad outcome".

It comes after GB news exclusively revealed in June that Ms Spit would become the first person in the UK to receive a Covid vaccine damage payment of £120,000.

Until Ms Spit’s case, no lump sums had been issued to more than 1,300 people who claimed damage claimants for Covid jab-related injuries and bereavements, despite reports more than 400,000 people have reported vaccine side effects to the Yellow Card Scheme.

Speaking to GB News’ Mark Steyn following the news of the pay out, Ms Spit said she finally felt as if she had recognition.

She added that she was vowing to fight on for others, many of whom could now be due a pay-out themselves.

Ms Spit said: “It’s the first step in the battle.

"People can no longer sneer at us and say 'we’re making stuff up' and pretending we don’t exist.

“This isn’t about money as nothing can bring back the people we have lost. This is about recognition.

“I think it is disgusting that widows and injured people have had to fight for a year to get this support, we aren’t finished yet."

Paying tribute to the support GB News has provided she added: “I’m certain that if we hadn’t kicked up a fuss and come onto GB News with Mark, this never would have happened.”

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