Woke university college 'CANCELS' annual St George's Day dinner to mark end of Ramadan instead

Magdalen College

Magdalen College is not holding a St George's Day feast this year

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 05/04/2023

- 08:59

Updated: 05/04/2023

- 16:56

Magdalen College will hold a formal dinner for Eid on April 23

An annual St George's Day dinner has been cancelled by an Oxford college.

Magdalen College usually holds an annual banquet to mark the day of the English saint, with students and academics dining together to enjoy a traditional feast.

However, no such dinner will be taking place this year, with the college instead using the occasion to mark the end of Ramadan.

The Oxford college will hold a formal dinner for Eid on April 23 - despite the annual festival actually taking place two days earlier.

A St George statue

The English saint's day dinner is being replaced by a dinner to make Eid


In the four years prior to the pandemic a St George's Day feast was held, according to the Telegraph.

Magdalen College denies it has a tradition of designated St George's Day dinners.

However, the newspaper cited proof of such events, including a formal invite in 2018 from the then college vice-president for lecturers to "celebrate St George’s Day" with "a formal hall and high table at 7.30pm with a special English menu".

It added that the evening would be accompanied by "Grace and English Music by the Clerks followed by an oration".

Instead this year, an invitation has been sent out for guests to "celebrate Eid with a festive dinner in the Hall".

It added that "the meal will follow Muslim customs: the meat dish will be halal and no alcohol will be served".

A spokesman for Magdalen College said: "Sunday 23 April is the first day of the new term.

"We are happy to support the request made by Muslim students in the College to hold a dinner to mark Eid on that day.

"On the same day, we will be flying both the St George’s and College flags to celebrate St George’s Day and will be hosting the University sermon for St Mark’s Day.

"There is no College tradition of a formal dinner for St George’s Day."

They added that "the College celebrates all the major Christian festivals and saints’ days".

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