Just Stop Oil blasted as eco-zealots prevent desperate mother from taking newborn baby to hospital - 'You're not God!'

A mother berates a Just Stop Oil protester

Motorists were enraged by the actions of the eco zealots

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 22/07/2023

- 18:00

Updated: 22/07/2023

- 21:25

Heavy traffic in London was exacerbated by the group's actions

Just Stop Oil find themselves under more scrutiny after ignoring the pleas of a desperate mother while blocking traffic on a busy London street.

The parent got out of her car on Westway in Acton, London, telling the eco-zealots that her baby needed to go to hospital.

She told one individual: “I’ve got a baby in my car and we have to get to hospital.”

Despite her passionate appeals, the protesters refused to let her through, much to the dismay of her fellow motorists.

A second was heard shouting: “Who are you to decide who gets to go? You’re not f***ing God.

“People pay to be on these roads. Don’t tell me you’ve never got in a f***ing car.”

Just Stop Oil caused bedlam on London roads yesterday, with the group claiming they had 160 out in force.

They were met with backlash and even a counter group who held hands around the protesters, forcing them to remain stationary on the road in Elephant and Castle, south London.

The counter-protest group wore shirts mocking the eco-activists, saying: “Just Stop P***ing Everyone Off.”

Just Stop Oil have ramped up their controversial tactics in recent months, pledging to “paralyse” London.

Fellow motorists berate the Just Stop Oil activists

Just Stop Oil activists continue to block the road despite the outrage


The group’s methods have accrued them a host of opponents, resulting in many of their demonstrations boiling over into showings of violence.

Climate campaigner Daniel Knorr, 21, was punched by a furious motorist who blamed the protest group for his car crash.

Another car user was seen dragging another protester away using his high-vis jacket just moments after he had gotten out to remonstrate with the group.

The group’s protests have extended to the Proms, the Ashes, the Chelsea Flower Show and Wimbledon, among others.

They were also spotted at The Open, with four people arrested after the group disrupted the second day of the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool.

American golfer Billy Horschel intervened to help remove one who invaded the 17th to throw powdered orange paint on the green. A smoke flare was also let off.

The 36-year-old escorted a woman wearing a Just Stop Oil T-shirt away from the putting surface and towards a police officer.

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