Israel-Hamas war latest: Cousin of hostage fears relative could be pregnant as harrowing testimony heard

Israel-Hamas war latest: Cousin of hostage fears relative could be pregnant as harrowing testimony heard

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Noah Abrahams

By Noah Abrahams

Published: 01/02/2024

- 12:42

Several testimonies were heard and left those in attendance visibly moved

The cousin of a hostage currently held by Hamas has expressed fears her relative could be pregnant after being subjected to rape and sexual violence as harrowing testimony has been heard in parliament.

The All Party UK-Israel Parliamentary Group, featuring a panel of senior UK politicians and a delegation from Israel, heard testimony about sexual crimes on Wednesday from a variety of sources and was provided new insight into the 136 hostages still held by the terror group in Gaza.

Listeners in the committee room appeared visibly moved as first responders said that Israelis were “brutally killed in ways you cannot understand”.

Simcha Greiniman, a volunteer for Israel’s leading non-governmental rescue and recovery organisation, Zaka, told the group that his team uncovered a dead mother who had been killed separately to her family.

Ashley Waxman, Shlomi Berger and Parliamentary group

Ashley Waxman (left), fears her cousin may be pregnant

Reuters/GB News

“She was naked from her waist down. Her hands were tied to her front. When we moved her to lay her onto the floor, we realised that she had a live grenade in her hand,” he said.

Shari Mendes, an IDF reservist and member of the forensics team, helped examine the bodies of female soldiers killed on October 7.

“Liquids were oozing out of eyes, noses and mouths,” Mendes said, “Women had grimaces and their mouths were contorted. Their eyes were open and their hands were clenched. It was clear that these women died in agony. That there had been an intentional obliteration of these women’s faces. To erase their faces.

“Many women arrived in bloodied shredded underwear. Many arrived with almost no clothing. If they had clothing it was often very bloody and torn.

“Several female soldiers were shot in the vagina, pelvis and in intimate areas. This was a gratuitous, deliberate, systematic genital mutilation of a group of people.”

Kemi Badenoch

Kemi Badenoch made clear the Government’s stance on the sexual atrocities committed by Hamas


Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch was the first to speak at the panel and made clear the Government’s stance on the sexual atrocities committed by Hamas.

Badenoch, a mother of three herself, said: “The UK is clear that conflict-related sexual violence is an abuse of human rights and when perpetrated in the context of an armed conflict, it can constitute a violation of international humanitarian law.

“There is now mounting evidence pointing to the systematic abuse, rape and sexual violence by Hamas towards women and girls.”

Badenoch continued by assuring those affected that they have full Government support and concluded the meeting by leading a standing ovation for the final speaker of the afternoon, Ashley Waxman.

Waxman, a YouTube content creator and social media influencer, is the cousin of 19-year-old Israeli hostage Agam Berger who she described as a “talented violinist with dreams of travelling the world”.

“Last year, Agam took time off to volunteer with the less fortunate and with special needs children,” Waxman said. “Her favourite thing to eat is sushi. She is constantly surrounded by her friends who like to sing, dance and hang out just like any typical teenager.”

Shlomi Berger issues plea to release his daughter Agam Berger

Shlomi Berger issues plea to release his daughter Agam Berger


On the morning of October 7, Agam was taken hostage by Hamas alongside five other girls her age and witnessed the murders of 16 friends prior to her kidnapping.

At 6.30am on October 7, Agam called her father Shlomi Berger, who reassured her that the bomb shelter would keep her safe. This was the last known direct contact with Agam.

There would later be a second phone call to Berger, on the initial release of hostages in November.

“On November 26th, Shlomi’s birthday, he received a phone call late at night. On the other end of the line was a 17-year-old girl who had been released as a hostage,” Waxman explained.

“The released girl called Shlomi before even getting onto the helicopter to go to hospital. She called to tell Shlomi that Agam’s last request was to ‘call Daddy and wish him a happy birthday’. Agam is the purest soul there is. On her 19th birthday, she wrote herself birthday wishes in her diary and wished for peace with the Palestinians.

“On October 7, videos started to come out on Telegram and we saw Agam covered in blood, including on the back side of her pants. She was being taken by terrorists at gunpoint and was driven off into Gaza.

“The fear in her eyes made it very difficult to recognise her, but we were able to recognise her by the pyjama pants she was wearing. Later, more videos came out where we saw her with her hands tied behind her back and with noticeable injuries to her face.”

Agam Berger in Hamas custody

Agam Berger in Hamas custody


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the family members of hostages that the details of any deal to release them must be kept discreet in order for it to work.

Waxman continued by expressing her fears that the hostages could be pregnant as a result of the sexual crimes.

“We know for sure that some released hostages have given partial testimonies of evidence of sexual violence continuing to occur in captivity,” she said.

“We have heard about girls being touched when going to the washroom and who have been raped at gunpoint. Many of these girls ask those released not to tell their parents.

“You can clearly understand our worry for every minute that passes with our women and girls in the hands of these monsters. They were able to do this in twelve hours on October 7. The hostages have been there for 117 days.

“What if they are pregnant? What if they are being used as sex slaves? We have already seen rumours on Palestinian social media that time is being sold to civilians to spend time with them. We need them out of there now. Each day that passes is pure misery.”

According to Israeli news outlets and the Jerusalem Post, there is now “a strong proposal for a second hostage deal” in place.

Waxman made clear that there is only one solution, adding: “We pray for Agam, for the release of all of the hostages and for the injured IDF soldiers. Our family is shattered and as a nation we are heartbroken.

“To destroy Hamas entirely will take time. Our girls simply don’t have this time. What if they need an abortion?

“We all agree with the objective of defeating terrorism. But, if we want the IDF to actually win this war, then our top priority right now should be to get all of our hostages home immediately.”

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