Feminist author says 'women should only get drunk with other women'

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Anna Fox

By Anna Fox

Published: 01/06/2022

- 08:09

Updated: 01/06/2022

- 08:12

Louise Perry advised women against getting drunk with 'men you don't know' on GB News

Feminist Author Louise Perry told GB News presenters Isabel Wester and Paul Hawkins in an interview this morning, "women should avoid getting drunk around strange men".

Addressing the data surrounding sexual assault, Ms Perry emphasised the relationship between excessive alcohol consumption and sexual assault.

She added: "We know alcohol decreases awareness and decreases inhibitions just looking at the data on sexual assault, alcohol is so often the factor.

"My honest advice for any female friends, daughters would be that it would not be a good idea to get drunk around men you don't know".

Ms Perry advises women to avoid getting drunk with strange men.
Ms Perry advises women to avoid getting drunk with strange men.

The author is awaiting the release of her most recent book The Case Against The Sexual Revolution, where she argues that the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s has been detrimental to women.

When probed by GB News presenter Isabel on whether she sees men as a "dangerous individuals", Ms Perry replied she agreed that it's "not all men" but an "unknown minority are".

Isabel retaliated to Ms Perry's claims stating: "You've got to accept that there are certain activities that carry greater risk and you cant just assume that you're going to be raped if you drink with a group of male friends".

Ms Perry added: "I'm not saying that women's have to wear burkhas and stay in their houses all day".

The discussion incorporates points around risk management and how women should remain precautionary when consuming alcoholic beverages.

Ms Perry concluded her point by adding: "I realise that it is politically difficult to say some of these things out loud but we say it to each-other all the time."

Ms Perrys book will be released on Friday.

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