'Clean gas is a dirty lie!' Eco-activists across Europe build blockades at oil facilities in co-ordinated action

'Clean gas is a dirty lie!' Eco-activists across Europe build blockades at oil facilities in co-ordinated action

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 16/03/2024

- 19:48

Banners were displayed outside the offices of oil and gas companies

Climate activists have blocked access to North Sea oil infrastructure in a co-ordinated protest.

Blockades have been taking place at oil and gas terminals, refineries and ports in Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Extinction Rebellion groups staged a series of banner drops at locations they described as being of "strategic importance" to plans to expand oil and gas production.

The group has accused the UK government of handing out dozens of new licences for oil and gas exploitation off Scotland’s north-east coast since late last year.

A "Stop Rosebank" protest

Protesters in Shetland demonstrating as part of coordinated action across six countries against new North Sea oil and gas extraction


In Aberdeen, protesters displayed banners outside the offices of oil and gas companies Equinor and Ithaca which read "North Sea Fossil Free", "Stop Rosebank" and "Sea Knows No Borders."

Activists also unfurled banners at Lerwick Harbour in Shetland and, at a location on the Moray Firth inlet, XR Forres organised performances from the "oil slicks" performance troupe.

A spokesperson from XR Scotland said: "These countries are interconnected through the exploitation of their shared waters, while the effects of these harmful initiatives are affecting the climate far beyond this northern corner of the world.

"The North Sea countries are branding themselves as leading countries within the green transition, all the while allowing global companies like Equinor, Shell and Total Energies to open new oil and gas fields."


\u200bProtesters unveiled a "Stop Rosebank" banner

Protesters unveiled a "Stop Rosebank" banner


The spokesperson added: "Northern Europe’s oil and gas addiction is not only creating an ecological crisis in our own backyards, we are also fuelling and profiting from the global climate crisis with no regard for people in the most affected areas."

Meanwhile XR Norway blocked the main entrance on land to the Rafnes Petroleum Refinery, with more activists said to be making their way into the security zone with a boat. In Sweden, XR protesters blocked the road to the oil harbour in Gothenburg.

A spokesperson for XR Netherlands said: "The fossil industry and our governments want us to believe that gas from the North Sea is clean, but clean gas is a dirty lie."

An XR UK spokesperson said: “Going full steam ahead with New North Sea oil and gas is a sure fire route to the worst climate scenarios.

“For too long, the UK, Norway and other North Sea countries have avoided scrutiny for their oil drilling plans as the emissions are not included in their national inventories. All countries should align their drilling plans with the Paris Agreement now. We thank everyone who has taken action today in defence of a liveable planet."

Last week, a group of climate activists were convicted of smashing a glass door at JPMorgan’s European headquarters.

Five Extinction Rebellion campaigners used weapons including hammers and chisel to cause £350,000 worth of damage.

The five protesters were convicted of causing criminal damage following a two week trial. They will be sentenced on June 7.

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