Calvin Robinson has Oxford speech invitation rescinded after refusing 'content guidelines'

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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 25/07/2022

- 12:48

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:48

Calvin has hit out at the Oxford Royale Academy, accusing them of "stifling the expression of their speakers in a superficial way"

Calvin Robinson has had an Oxford speech offer rescinded after refusing to sign a "content guidelines" agreement.

Calvin says he was invited to speak at Oxford Royale Academy over the summer.

But before the speech, the GB News regular was sent a letter by Oxford Royale, titled “speaker content guidelines”.

The letter, shared by Calvin on Twitter began by saying: “Our intention is to provide you with a practical set of standards that can ensure that every student has the confidence in the quality of information provided by the speaker.

Calvin Robinson
Calvin Robinson
GB News

The letter sent to Calvin by the Oxford Royale Academy
The letter sent to Calvin by the Oxford Royale Academy

“In this way, we can preserve the academic integrity and value of Oxford Royale Academy.”

It then gave a list of things “the speaker will ensure”, which included: “no political agendas”, “no selling”, “no offensive language” and “no religious proselytising”.

It also said that there is “sound scientific basis to all theories and research evidence” and “no offensive images”.

While the letter also called for “due consideration to diverse and accessibility requirements along with appropriate content for a multicultural audience and cultural sensitives.

The letter ended by asking people to provide their full name, date and signature if they agreed with the guidelines.

Calvin has confirmed he would not be signing “anything as ridiculous as this and my invitation to speak has been rescinded.”

Calvin told GB News: “Free Speech is fundamental to our way of life, and even more so in universities.

“Academia should be a place to express ideas with open challenge and debate.

“Oxford Royale are stifling the expression of their speakers in a superficial way that will so no justice to the young people in attendance.

“Let’s broaden their horizons rather than being terrified of causing offence.

“Programmes like this are why we’ve ended up with a generation of snowflakes.”

GB News has repeatedly contacted Oxford Royale for its response.

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