‘We need strong, masculine men!’ British Army deemed ‘too woke’ to fight Russia in scathing rant

‘We need strong, masculine men!’ British Army deemed ‘too woke’ to fight Russia in scathing rant

‘We need strong, masculine men!’ British Army deemed ‘too woke’ to fight Russia

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/02/2024

- 16:29

Britain's Armed Forces are 'increasingly overstretched'

The British military’s commitment to “wokeism” is costing it valuable resource in terms of man power, according to political commentator David Kurten.

The former London Assembly member spoke on GB News about Britain’s “increasingly overstretched” Armed Forces, which a damning inquiry by MPs claims is not ready for a war with Russia.

The Commons defence committee found in a year-long review that the Government “will never achieve war fighting or strategic readiness” without reforms put in place to reverse a recruitment crisis.

According to Kurten, there are two key reasons as to why the country finds itself in such a problematic spot.

David Kurten

David Kurten spoke on GB News


“People aren’t going into the armed forces as they were before”, he said.

“One reason for that is, the whole army recruitment operation is being dismantled.


\u200bBritish Army troops in trainingBritish Army troops in trainingPA

“There used to be army recruitment at the front of shops in almost every town, that’s all gone.

“So how do you go about joining the army? It’s more difficult to do. The other thing is, the whole British military has gone woke.

“They are more concerned about feminism, BLM, LGBT and wearing rainbows than they are getting masculine men.

“That’s how they are going to do it, not all of this woke stuff. Strong and masculine is what you need.”

The Government is under pressure to allocate more on defence spending, and the committee found that £1.95 billion of funding awarded in the Budget last spring may now be used to plug shortfalls.

The committee’s Conservative chairman, Sir Jeremy Quin, told The Telegraph that the UK must “rise to the challenge” amid suggestions that Nato countries are gearing up for possible Russian aggression.

“To confront the threats we face with confidence, we need to know that we would be ready for war”, he said.

The report states: “The UK Armed Forces have deployed above their capacity in response to the worsening security situation, but all have capability shortfalls and stockpile shortages, and are losing personnel faster than they can recruit them.”

Sir Jeremy adds: “The MoD have acknowledged that only five personnel are recruited for every eight that leave the military.” He says a renewed focus “on recruitment is vital and timely”.

General Sir Patrick Sanders said last month that conscription could be required so the UK is training citizens for a future conflict.

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