‘Oh my word!’ Bev Turner reacts as British Airways launch ‘non-binary’ uniforms

‘Oh my word!’ Bev Turner reacts as British Airways launch ‘non-binary’ uniforms

Watch Bev Turner offer her reaction to the new British Airways uniform

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 05/10/2023

- 18:28

BA unveiled a new uniform for the first time in two years

GB News’ Bev Turner has offered her reaction to British Airways’ (BA) brand new uniforms that have been designed for non-binary crew.

At they start of this year, BA unveiled a new uniform for the first time in two years in a bid to to “take the airline into the next chapter”.

The airline relaxed the rules around its uniform policy and went gender-neutral last year.

The new look consisted of a ‘modern jumpsuit’, along with skirt and trouser options for women and a tailored three-piece suit for men with regular and slim-fit trousers.

Bev Turner and the new BA outfit

Bev Turner has spoken about the new BA outfit

GB NEWS / British Airways

Following the launch of the new uniform, BA have given the public a look of how they look via an image on their social media channels.

Offering her reaction was GB News presenter Bev Turner, who said: “Oh my word.


“The whole point, I guess, is that they are much more aligned in terms of uniform.

“It’s going to be a cost saving issue, isn’t it?”

Female staff at the airline are reported to be “furious”, branding the update purposefully “androgynous”.

A source told The Sun: “The whole thing is a mess.

British Airways planes at Heathrow AirportBritish Airways planes at Heathrow AirportPA

“This is an attack on women to satisfy BA’s woke credentials when all they needed to do was produce a dedicated uniform for non-binary and gender fluid crew”, they said.

BA have heralded the change as the “start of a new era” for the airline.

Upon releasing the design last year, a spokesman for the airline told the Daily Mail: “We are proud of all of our colleagues at British Airways and we are committed to an inclusive working environment.

“We have worked with our people to create updated guidelines for grooming, beauty and accessories, allowing our colleagues to bring the best, most authentic version of themselves to work every day.”

Daily Express columnist Carole Malone commented: “If non-binary people have rights, why shouldn’t women?

“They’re making the uniform to cater for a very small section of the workforce.”

Journalist Emma Burnell argued that the uniform “doesn’t make any difference”.

“Telling people what they should and shouldn’t wear is about enforcing gender stereotypes”, she said.

“If you go to work for a company, you wear the uniform they give you. I believe there is two different options, so people can wear what they want to.”

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