Yorkshire Building Society overhauls savings accounts - full list of interest rates

Yorkshire Building Society branch

Yorkshire Building Society is renaming its most popular savings accounts

Patrick O'Donnell

By Patrick O'Donnell

Published: 08/05/2024

- 08:31

The building society is launching a new range of easy access savings to make banking "easier" for Yorkshire customers

Yorkshire Building Society has announced an overhaul of its savings account offerings with competitive interest rates available to customers.

From today, the financial institution has launched a new range of easy access accounts with more descriptive names to make the banking experience "easier for customers".

These new savings products replace these previous popular accounts from Yorkshire Building Society:

  • Internet Saver Plus
  • Internet Saver ISA Plus
  • Access Saver Plus
  • Access Saver ISA Plus
The above product have all been withdrawn from the market and re-released with more customer-friendly names.

This decision to re-launch Yorkshire's easy access account range with descriptive names comes after customer research from the building society.

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Saver looks at laptop

Savers are looking for the best deals wit high interest rates


These withdrawn savings products have now been replace by the following easy access accounts:

  • Easy Access Saver
  • Easy Access ISA
  • Everyday Saver
  • Everyday ISA.

According to the building society, the accounts will benefit from a variable interest rate of up to 4.80 per cent on balances from £1.

Customers will be permitted to access their savings whenever they need without penalty, or to close the account if required.

Yorkshire claims it hopes to make the banking experience "easier and simpler" to navigate for savers with these name changes.

The building society has said it will support customers to find the right account which will meet their specific needs.

Account names deliberately replicate the key features of the account.

Based on customer testing, 64 per cent of savers polled shared they prefer "Easy Access Saver’" as an account name and just five per cent preferred the previous "Internet Saver Plus".

Here is a full breakdown of the savings interest rates attached to the new accounts:

  • Easy Access Saver at a variable rate of 4.80 per cent, available online
  • Easy Access ISA at a variable tax-free rate of 4.50 per cent, available online
  • Everyday Saver at a variable rate of 3.45 per cent, available in branch and by post
  • Everyday ISA at a variable tax-free rate of 3.45 per cent available in branch and by post


Yorkshire Building Society branch

The building society is offering competitive interest rates


Chris Irwin, the director of savings manager at Yorkshire Building Society, outlined why savers should take advantage of the financial institution's offering.

Irwin said: “Our founding purpose as a building society is to help people with their savings so we’re committed to exploring ways that can help our members reach their financial goals or establish healthy savings habits.

"Introducing the new account names, which spell out key features, will make it easier and clearer for savers to choose an account, that best suits them.

“We are pleased to be able to enhance these accounts which are designed to offer savers a competitive rate whilst keeping immediate access to their cash.”

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