Yorkshire Building Society announces major change for customers who check their accounts online

Yorkshire Building Society branch

Yorkshire Building Society has unveiled changes to their online service

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 20/11/2023

- 11:49

Yorkshire Building Society has rolled out an online services upgrade

Yorkshire Building Society has announced a significant update to its online services, in which “almost everything” has changed, based on customer feedback.

Customers who opt to check their savings online will notice a number of changes, intended to make the process easier.

In a notice on the website, the building society said: “Whether you use a desktop computer, tablet or mobile you’ll see how much easier your account is to manage online.”

Yorkshire Building Society said as part of the changes, they have “improved” transfers.

Yorkshire Building Society branch

Yorkshire Building Society said it has changed 'almost everything' on the online account service


Now, customers’ account number and sort code will be at the top of every page.

People will be able to “easily” transfer money to their own Yorkshire Building Society account or accounts without having to add their own accounts as payees.

Furthermore, before making a transfer, the building society will tell the user when their money arrives at the destination.

Customers will also now see their withdrawal limits and ISA allowance, plus any impact on interest if they make a transfer.

Yorkshire Building Society has also moved the full statement to the “account overview page” and users will automatically see their latest statement.

It is possible to choose a statement for a specific month or year using the services’ date selector and download any statement as a PDF.

There is also some good news for those who struggle to carry out transactions quickly – there is a new option to stay logged in for longer.

“If you’ve been inactive on the website for four minutes, we’ll check in with you to see what you want to do,” Yorkshire Building Society said.

Yorkshire Building Society sign outside branch

Yorkshire Building Society said customers’ account number and sort code will be at the top of every page


“You’ll be given the option to stay logged in until you choose to log out.”

Of course, it’s important to make sure one has logged out of their online banking once they have finished using it for security reasons.

The building society said they are “constantly striving to improve” its security, and they want customers to be assured that, as always, security has been at the forefront of their minds when building the new logged in site.

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