Energy bill warning issued as ‘millions’ of families brace themselves for ‘crippling’ winter

Energy bill warning issued as ‘millions’ of families brace themselves for ‘crippling’ winter

Richard Tice and Paul Embery have issued a 'crippling' energy bill warning

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 29/09/2023

- 22:04

Updated: 29/09/2023

- 22:29

More than 140 charities and organisations called on Rishi Sunak to support Britons

Millions of households are set for a “crippling” winter with surging energy bills set to cause anguish for many, according to Paul Embery.

It comes as more than 140 charities and organisations called on Rishi Sunak to support Britons against prices that were “once unthinkable”.

Energy bills are set to be at the highest in living memory during winter, around 13 per cent more expensive on average than they were last time around.

A third of British adults expect to struggle to afford their heating bills over the winter months without Government support as a result, according to a survey for National Energy Action (NEA).

An energy bill and Paul Embery

Paul Embery has issued a warning about 'crippling' energy bills


Speaking on GB News, trade unionist Paul Embery said the coming cold months will be a “crisis time” for many.

“Potentially millions of families in this country will be affected”, he said.


“The rises in interests rates as well don’t help, real wages are still falling, how much can ordinary people be expected to help?

“It’s a no brainer for the Government to help. I’m open minded as to how. You would expect the poorest to be targeted first of all, that would be right.

“How did we get ourselves into this situation as a country after all? As an advanced Western country, we have no energy security, that for me is bordering on criminal, ordinary people are paying the price for it.”

In a passionate exchange, Reform UK leader Richard Tice agreed with the sentiments put forward by Embery, adding he is “absolutely right”.

An energy bill lays next to a gas stove

Energy bills could reach record highs


“It is gross negligence by our leaders, we are sitting on decades of energy treasure.

“We have all this stuff but the clowns in Westminster refuse to use it. Rishi Sunak refuses to back fracking.

“What is the point of buying shale gas from the US? Sending jobs and money over there when we have it here.”

The price cap falling from the current £2,074 to £1,932 from 1 October for the average dual fuel customer are set to do little to deter rising prices, with costs still more than 50 per cent higher than pre-crisis levels, according to the NEA.

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesman said: "We recognise the cost of living challenges families are facing and spent £40bn paying around half a typical household's energy bill last winter.

"While energy prices are falling our Energy Price Guarantee remains in place to protect people until April next year.

"We are also providing additional targeted support for the most vulnerable, with three million households expected to benefit from the £150 Warm Home Discount and millions of vulnerable households will receive up to £900 in further cost of living payments."

The spokesman added that the government continues to "keep all options under review for those most in need".

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