EDF customers to save £164 on energy bills 'no matter what' with new heat pump tariff

EDF customers to save £164 on energy bills 'no matter what' with new heat pump tariff

Energy bills for customers with average users have fallen with the latest Ofgem price cap

Patrick O'Donnell

By Patrick O'Donnell

Published: 15/04/2024

- 13:12

The energy supplier is also providing a £750 discount on new heat pump installations to celebrate the tariff's launch

EDF has announced the launch of its new Heat Pump Tracker tariff which could help customers make sizable savings on energy bills.

Heat pump customers who switch to the energy supplier's tariff will save at least £164 against the standard variable rate (SVR).

Notably, greater savings will be able to be made by shifting energy consumption to the off-set peak windows.

According to EDF, customers will be able to save cash and cut carbon with daily off-peak discounts and no-peak prices.

This new deal is available to both new and existing customers with any heat pump technology.

As part of the tariff, which is designed in conjunction with CJ Heating, EDF is offering six hours of discounted zero-carbon electricity every day.

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Woman looking at happy at bill and EDF logo

Heat pump users could save £164 with a new tariff thanks to EDF


There will be two off-peak windows from 4am–7am and 1pm–4pm with customers able to change their consumption without the stress of peak rates.

On top of this, families will be able to make energy bill savings across their entire home thanks to off-peak discounts applying to all energy usage in the home.

Customers will be able to benefit from unit rates which are cheaper than the Ofgem energy price for all appliances.

Furthermore, EDF customers have access to fixed discounts for three years but also have the ability to switch to another supplier or tariff anytime they want.

Finally, EDF is providing customers with £750 off new heat pump installations to mark the launch of the new tariff.

This is in partnership with heat pump installer CB Heating which the firm recently acquired.

Research cited by EDF estimates that a heat pump for a three-bedroom home could save families up to £260 annually in running costs compared to an old gas boiler, £335 compared to an old oil boiler or £940 compared to an old electric storage heater.

As well as this, making the switch from an A-rated gas boiler to a standard air source heat pump would slash a household’s carbon footprint by 1.9 tonnes.

Philippe Commaret, the managing director of Customers at EDF, explained: "Everyone plays a significant part in helping Britain achieve net zero which is why we’re pleased to be bringing a heat pump tariff to both new and existing customers in the market, helping them save at least £164 a year, no matter what type of heat pump technology they may have already installed in their homes.

"Working closely with CB Heating to offer £750 off the cost of a new air source heat pump installation, we hope to support more customers with making the switch to greener technologies and, in doing so, reward them with further cash and carbon savings."


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A study by EDF found only two percent of respondents have an air-source heat pump in their homes, with over a quarter of Britons set to install an air-source heat pump within the next five years.

Seven in 10 people in the UK perceive not needing to replace their current heating system as a significant deterrent to switching to a heat pump.

Some 26 percent of those polled are likely to install a heat pump when they next carry out home renovations in the future.

Notably, 31 percent of respondents believe that heat pumps may end up having a positive influence on their decision to purchase a new house

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