British Gas is offering thousands of customers half price energy this winter - are you eligible?

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British Gas is offering half price electricity to eligible smart meter users via PeakSave Sundays

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 03/10/2023

- 09:58

Updated: 03/10/2023

- 12:22

British Gas serves more than ten million households - although not everyone will qualify for the half price electricity scheme

British Gas has extended a scheme which offers half price electricity during a specified period each week.

Its PeakSave Sundays offer will now run for five hours every Sunday for the rest of 2023.

During the specified time frame, PeakSavers can be rewarded by helping the grid to better balance demand for energy when it’s particularly high, or low.

British Gas said that as demand is typically low on Sundays, the firm is encouraging PeakSavers to use as much as they need during the events – running from 11am to 4pm.

British Gas energy bills statement beside hob

British Gas will credit PeakSavers' accounts with half of what they spent on electricity during the PeakSave period


The energy supplier will then credit PeakSavers’ accounts back with half of what they spent on electricity during that time.

This works via smart meters, with the meter telling British Gas how much electricity was used. The company will then work out the credit owed. PeakSavers don’t need to sign up to each event.

If customers have received an email about it from British Gas, they will automatically be included in every weekly event.

Catherine O’Kelly, Managing Director of British Gas Energy at British Gas, said: “With people spending time at home in the run up to the festive season, there are great opportunities for our customers to save on their energy bills whilst contributing to a greener grid.

“The results from the summer have shown that half price electricity on Sunday is helping our customers save and it’s shifting usage away from peak times. We’d expect to see even more benefit in the winter months as home electricity use is generally higher.

“As the momentum of demand flexibility initiatives builds, we hope to welcome even more customers to the PeakSave scheme to help create a more sustainable energy grid.”

Not all British Gas customers are able to take part, but those who would like to get involved in future events can register their interest online on the “Sign up for PeakSave” section of their website.

Once a person has registered, British Gas will check their smart electricity credit meter sends them meter readings.

If it does, the company will get the customer set up, and let them know they can take part. Otherwise, British Gas will be in touch again.

Those who don’t have a smart credit meter are directed to still complete their details, and then book a free smart meter installation.

Piles of washing by washing machine in pictures

British Gas PeakSavers may opt to do energy-intensive chores such as loads of washing or cooking a meal during this time to save money on energy bills


Ofgem's new energy price cap came into effect on Sunday, falling to its lowest level since March 2022.

The energy regulator has reduced the average energy bill for those on the price cap from £2,074 to £1,923 for the next three months, however millions of people are still set to pay more for their energy bills this winter than last.

This is because Government support, such as the Energy Bills Support Scheme - a £400 energy bills discount over six months - has ended.

Simon Francis, coordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, which is part of the Warm This Winter campaign, said: “Average energy bills are still almost double what they were three years ago and Government help for households, which was available last winter, has been axed.

"This means this winter will feel worse for many households.”

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