'Outrageous to send that amount of money abroad!' Birmingham residents speak on £12billion sent to Ukraine

'Outrageous to send that amount of money abroad!' Birmingham residents speak on £12billion sent to Ukraine

Birmingham resident speak out on Ukraine aid

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 23/02/2024

- 17:12

Updated: 23/02/2024

- 17:32

The UK has pledged almost £12billion in overall support to Ukraine since February 2022, of which £7.1billion is for military assistance

Residents of Birmingham have been left livid after the government pledged almost £12billion in overall support to Ukraine, of which £7.1billion is for military assistance.

The UK is one of the leading donors to Ukraine, alongside the US and Germany but some people feel that the money would be better spent of people who are struggling with the cost of living crisis in the UK.

The UK has been experiencing a cost of living crisis since late 2021 due to effects of the pandemic and aid for war.

One Birmingham resident claimed that people in "our country need help as much as those in Ukraine."

Birmingham resident

One person said "we need to help this country"

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She said: "We'll need help in this country as much as we need to help people in Ukraine. But we can't turn our back."

Another said: "We do need more help in this country, most definitely. I think it's outrageous to send that amount of money here abroad without consideration for the people who live in England. So you've got to look after your own people first."

A third person explained: " I think it's a good thing that we're sending aid and helping those that are in need. But at the same time, we're also in a cost of living crisis here and we've got lots of people that need assistance here."

Whilst a fourth fumed: "To be quite honest it is disgusting, the simple reason is we're paying literally on top of what is still going on and they want more money."

Birmingham resident

​Another fumed that it is "outrageous" 

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Birmingham residents could face further financial issues after it was revealed last month that the Government will not oppose Birmingham City Council's request to increase council tax by 10 per cent from April 2024.

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, said the blame for such a hike lay with those responsible for the council's "failures and mismanagement".

The council could raise council tax by 10 per cent for this coming financial year, although Birmingham City Council told GB News budget proposals have not yet been published so no decision has been made.

The rate hike comes as authorities try to save £300million over two years.

Birmingham resident

There is currently a Cost of Living crisis in the UK

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Local authorities with social care responsibilities (county and unitary authorities) cannot increase council tax by more than five per cent each year unless a local referendum approves a higher amount.

However, Birmingham City Council has requested flexibility to increase council tax bills by an extra five per cent.

Addressing the request, Mr Gove said: "The Government has expressed ongoing concern about the significant financial mismanagement at the Council and has launched a five-year intervention to tackle its serious financial and governance problems.

"It is disappointing that Birmingham City taxpayers are having to foot the bill for the Council’s poor governance and decision-making."

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