Barclays online banking and app down sparking chaos as customers unable to access bank accounts

Barclays logo outside bank branch

Barclays has apologised to customers who cannot access their bank accounts via the online banking or mobile app services

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 17/10/2023

- 12:35

Updated: 18/10/2023

- 11:56

Barclays has issued an apology to customers who cannot access their bank accounts because the online banking services and mobile app is not working at the moment

Thousands of Barclays customers have been unable to access their bank accounts after being hit with problems in using the Barclays banking app.

More than 2,000 customers have reported issues with the Barclays banking app, according to the website DownDetector.

Customers who click on the bank's mobile app are met with a notice which reads: "Sorry - we can't log you in right now. You can still use Mobile PINsentry."

Barclays has apologised to customers who cannot access their bank accounts via the mobile app and online banking services, warning the bank is "very busy" over the phones at the moment.

Barclays mobile app not working

Barclays said the phone lines are 'very busy' at the moment


In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Barclays said: "We’re sorry about our ongoing issues with our app and Online Banking."

The bank added: "We're so sorry you're still not able to use our app or Online Banking.

"We're very busy over the phone at the moment - we appreciate your patience whilst we're working to get everything back up and running.

"You can also use your cards and cash machines as normal. Thanks for continuing to bear with us."

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A number of Barclays customers affected by the services not working have shared their concerns on social media.

Writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, one asked the bank: "What's going on with banking app??? I need stock and can't pay!!! #barclays."

A second person remarked: "Can’t access @Barclays app and need to transfer money asap- plus sort general life things. Been on hold for 2 hours 2 mins after the initial message saying it would be a 45 min wait! Had to put phone down- nothing sorted."(sic)

A third told Barclays: "Been trying to log into your app since first thing this morning, can't pop to my local branch as you've closed them all down, have absolutely no way of transferring money from my savings account to my current account so can't make any card payments, absolute farce."(sic)

Another social media user offered some suggestions for those who need to carry out banking transactions urgently.

They wrote: "For anyone stuck and needing to make transfers but can't because the Barclays app and online banking site is down, you can make transfers using the automated service on 03457345345. I've just done it myself and it was relatively simple #barclaysappdown #barclaysdown #barclays."

Barclays bank mobile banking logo on phone

Barclays said customers could still use their cards and cash machines as normal


Some members of the public said the issue served as a reminder about the importance of cash.

One person wrote on the GB News Facebook page: "And this is why you should keep cash."

Another penned: "My purse has cash ! that is always reliable."

A third commented: "Good job ppl can use cash from their wallets…….at least for now!"(sic)

On X, another social media user referenced the widespread bank branch closures seen in recent years. They wrote: "That's handy with all the branches closing. Cashless society is going to be a blast."

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