Asda customers ‘angry’ after being prevented from using supermarket loyalty scheme

Asda customers ‘angry’ after being prevented from using supermarket loyalty scheme

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Patrick O'Donnell

By Patrick O'Donnell

Published: 28/02/2024

- 11:34

Supermarket loyalty schemes have become crucial ways of making money go further for families amid the cost of living crisis but some Asda customers have not been able to benefit

Shoppers at Asda have been left “angry and confused after being left unable to use the supermarket’s loyalty scheme.

Asda’s Rewards scheme allows customers to collect loyalty points, use vouchers to get money off their grocery shopping bill and make big savings in the process.

However, shoppers cannot use the loyalty scheme at any of the supermarket’s new Express convenience stores.

Asda began opening hundreds of Express stores across the country last year, with the plan to convert 470 sites acquired from the Co-op and EG Group into more before the end of March.

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Asda supermarket

The supermarket's customers are "angry" about the Asda Rewards scheme


However, shoppers are outraged that they will be unable to use their Asda loyalty points at these locations to save money.

Alison, 62, visited the supermarket’s new Express location in Bow Road, London and was “shocked” to discover she unable to use her £10 voucher.

She told The Mirror she had been saving her rewards over a couple of months which she converted to a £10 voucher.

However, when Alison went to the checkout counter, she was told the store could not process her voucher to take money off her bill.

As a result of this, she had to pay full price for her shopping despite having accumulated enough loyalty points for a £10 discount.

The 62-year-old said: “I feel a little angry about it as I don't think I've been told about it from Asda and as I go often I did just expect it to be working especially since the store is brand new.”

Through the app-based loyalty scheme, consumers accumulate cash rewards in their digital "cashpot" when they buy products.

In order to earn points, shoppers scan the app at the checkout or they can link it up to their online Asda account.

Annoyed customer

Customers are unable to use Rewards points at Asda Express stores


Over time, shoppers will see their cashpot build up in the app as they continue to make purchases as the supermarket.

They can then redeem the money whenever they choose by creating a voucher with the maximum voucher being £100, while the minimum is £1.

Speaking to The Mirror, an Asda spokesperson said: “Asda Express is a new shopping format for us and we are currently going through a process of updating the systems to enable Asda Rewards to be accepted.

“We have a team of people focused on this and expect this to be rolled out into all of our stores in the future."

GB News has contacted Asda asking for comment.

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