Suella Braverman's direct challenge to Sunak unleashes political reality

Suella Braverman has warned that the government must now take tough action.

Suella Braverman has warned that the government must now take tough action.

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 06/12/2023

- 15:31

The now former Home Secretary has directly challenged the Prime Minister's authority

Well, a dramatic statement in Parliament just now from Suella Braverman - and one that I suspect the vast majority of Conservative voters support.

She has spelt out in very direct fashion the choice the Conservatives now face: to get tough and finally stop the boats or face a total wipeout.

Braverman slammed the current situation whereby illegal migrants "break-in to Britain" and the effect that it has "straining social cohesion".

She revealed further details about her advice to the Prime Minister, for a government plan that excluded international and human rights laws, a credible "plan b" to stop illegal immigration.

Sunak's performance was closely scrutinised, with Braverman pointing out that after weeks there has been no emergency legislation and that she is worried about the substance of what the government will now put forward.

Crucially, Braverman explained that she supports ditching the ECHR and replacing the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights - but that she understands the government won't do that now.

Instead she has challenged Sunak to restore "real parliamentary sovereignty", with Parliament sitting over Christmas to get a new plan in place.

And her summary of the situation pretty much sums up with the dilemma facing the government: for authority to lie with Britain or within "unaccountable international law".

Braverman declared it was "now or never" and that the Conservatives faced electoral oblivion if they don't stop the boats.

But the reality of course is that Braverman is now the ex-Home Secretary, sacked by a Prime Minister it is speculated will take a far softer line than many Tory MPs want to see.

At the same time of course has been rising support for Reform UK, speculation as to the future of Nigel Farage and rumours of Ministers resigning in protest at Sunak's decision-making.

So Braverman's warning is well-timed. This surely is the last chance for Rishi Sunak.

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