Reform UK WON'T be standing down against Tories: Richard Tice looks forward to UK election

Community Editor Michael Heaver recently discussed GB News, Reform UK and the next election with Richard Tice

Community Editor Michael Heaver recently discussed GB News, Reform UK and the next election with Richard Tice

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Published: 24/11/2023

- 11:58

In this exclusive interview for GB News members, Presenter and Reform UK Leader Richard Tice has insisted that he won't be standing down candidates at the next General Election

In a wide-ranging interview in Westminster, Richard confirmed to GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver that he has no intention of standing down Reform candidates come election time.

Asked whether Reform would stand down against Conservatives candidates as the Brexit Party did in 2019, Richard insisted that: "The answer is consistent because with absolute certainty and conviction I can say to you that we stand 630 candidates across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

"We're not standing in Northern Ireland, but we will not be doing any form of deals with the Tories. I've made that absolutely clear.

"You cannot reward failure with more incumbency. That's the bottom line. And people who continue to do a bad job, who continue to mislead, to misinform people, they have to be punished.

Richard went on to argue that: "Having broken Britain, the Conservative Party has to be punished for what it's done to this country and Reform UK? We're just telling it as it is.

"We will be part of making sure that their failure is not rewarded with more incumbency. To those who say 'you're going to split the vote' no, no, no.

"You shouldn't vote out of fear for the alternative. You should vote positively for what you believe in, who you think has got the right policies to run and manage this country.

"Frankly, given where we're at the moment to save this country, that's literally where we're at.

"We in Reform, in the name of the Brexit Party, in December '19, we stood down in order to make sure that the Tories got Brexit done.

"They limped Brexit over the line, but they haven't taken advantage of the opportunities.

"They've had their chance, They've blown it. They've messed up. If they had any decency, moral integrity, they're the ones that should now say 'I'm so sorry, we've messed up. Reform should take take the mantle forward. We'll stand down.'

"Let Reform go head to head against Keir Starmer. And I promise you on that basis, I would beat Keir Starmer hands down. I've absolutely no doubt whatsoever."

Richard also discussed joining and presenting on GB News and getting prepared for the next General Election: "Our expectation is that it'll probably be late autumn next year, but we will be ready whenever it's called.

"So we're actually planning for a May election. We have to be ready, because we're absolutely committed to being ready and standing everywhere."