The exact time to stop mowing your lawn for the winter and how to avoid mould and pests

Man mowing lawn

The last time to mow the lawn for the year is fast approaching

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 15/10/2023

- 07:00

Updated: 31/10/2023

- 10:28

Britons should prepare to cut the grass for the final time this year in the next couple of weeks

Mowing the lawn is necessary to keep gardens at bay in the summer months, but it can be damaging at other times of the year.

The last time to mow your lawn could be before the end of the month, according to an expert.

A good way to gauge this is based on the temperature, an expert at Gazeboshop Samantha Richards said.

She said: "The key to protecting your grass as temperatures plummet is recognising when to stop mowing your lawn.

Mowing garden

An expert suggested mowing grass to two inches


"As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid using your lawnmower when the temperature consistently drops below 10C.

"This typically happens in late October or November.

"When the temperature dips below this point, the grass will enter its dormant stage and stop growing."

When doing a final cut, the expert advised cutting the grass to around two inches.

This is the optimal height to get it through winter without damage, mould or pests.

Samantha added: "It’s worth noting the ideal grass height going into winter is around two inches.

"That's long enough so that the grass still provides shade to the soil and protection to the roots, but also short enough to avoid attracting mould or fungus and becoming a shelter for insects and pests.

"In the build-up to winter, it is best practice to take your lawn down bit by bit, reducing the blade height each time until you reach two inches.

Frost in garden

Homeowners do not need to mow the lawn over the winter


“Although it is not advised, those adamant on mowing their lawn throughout the colder months should make sure you raise the cut to the highest setting to protect your grass as best as possible.”

This comes as experts shared how to stop slugs invading your garden and destroying plants.

A well kept garden could boost the value of your property, according to a property expert.

A free garden check could add as much as £30,000 to the selling price.

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