Woman lost 4st 6lb by cutting one thing from her diet during weight loss transformation

Woman before after weight loss

One woman shared her incredible transformation after losing 4st 6lb

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 13/09/2023

- 12:00

The slimmer managed to transform her life in just 10 months

One woman shared her incredible transformation after losing 4st 6lb.

Jane Griffith was inspired to slim down after getting ill while on holiday.

Within weeks of coming home, the slimmer was faced with more health problems which led to emergency surgery.

She said: "Having this made me reassess my life."

Woman before weight loss

She was inspired to slim after experiencing some health problems


"Because I was overweight I knew I had to do something to live a better life."

She decided to use The Body Rescue Plan - a 12 week plan designed to help dieters change their relationship with food, improve their fitness and lose weight.

Those following the plan eat a clean, sugar free diet and focus on meditation and exercise.

Jane switched to the sugar free diet plan and started walking more.

Before long, she was losing weight and feeling motivated to continue.

Jane added: "Soon I had lost the first stone and this spurred me on to continue being a much healthier version of myself.

"I started dancing and my mental health improved as the months went on."

In total Jane managed to lose a healthy 4st 6lb in 10 months, helped by ditching sugar.

Woman after weight loss

She cut sugar from her diet plan


Not only has she improved her health and confidence, Jane has even inspired others to give the plan a go.

She said: "I am now a much healthier person and live life to the fullest.

"The staff where I work are all so impressed with the diet that a few of them have started it too.

"I’m pleased that I have been an inspiration to them too."

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