Urgent recall: Lidl warns household essential is a safety hazard - 'stop using it immediately'

Urgent recall: Lidl warns household essential is a safety hazard - 'stop using it immediately'

Tesla shared a recall

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 27/12/2023

- 09:08

A product used in all households has been recalled by Lidl

Lidl shoppers are urged to check if they bought their vacuum from the retailer.

The supermarket chain has warned of a potentially serious safety hazard.

Three Beldray Revo Cordless Vacuum models sold by Lidl have been recalled.

Beldray Revo Cordless Vacuum

Beldray Revo Cordless Pet Plus Vacuum

Beldray Revo Digital Vacuum

Beldray vacuum

Beldray vacuums have been recalled


The warning highlights a safety issue with the BS DC adaptor in models sold in the UK and Ireland.

Any product sold since January 2020 could have the fault and shoppers with the model are urged to stop using it.

A statement warned: "We have become aware of a manufacturing defect with a small number of DC Adaptors supplied with the Beldray Revo Cordless Vacuum, Beldray Revo Cordless Pet Plus Vacuum and Beldray Revo Digital Vacuum.

"The defect may cause the back of the DC adaptor to come off.

"The defect affects all UK and Ireland adaptors supplied since January 2020 with BS, 3-PIN, DC Adaptor Model Number: TYBSDC1400500."

Customers can contact the manufacturer to arrange a replacement.

The statement continued: "If you have bought one of these products, stop using it immediately.

"For a replacement DC adaptor, please contact Ultimate Products at productsupport@upplc.com, www.beldray.com, 0161 934 2212."

The unsafe items were sold in other stores including Tesco and Asda.

Lidl sign

Lidl shared the warning with customers


Shoppers who purchased the vacuums from other supermarkets should also follow the safety advice.

This comes as a number of food items were recalled as they could be unsafe to eat.

Sweets sold in Tesco and Sainsbury's could cause vomiting and hives due to an undeclared ingredient.

Health fears were also shared over six cheeses Britons may have received as a Christmas gift.

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