Sainsbury's rolls out major packaging changes in more than 400 stores

Sainsbury's store sign

Packing on various products has changed in stores

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 31/08/2023

- 10:34

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:41

Shoppers will notice new packaging on a range of products

Sainsbury's is rolling out new ways to present products, including new hangers on Tu clothing items.

Cardboard hangers have been introduced to cut back on the amount of plastic used.

Tu Clothing Babywear items previously on plastic hangers will make the switch, saving 103 tonnes of plastic, the retailer said.

An in-store recycling service has also been put in place so shoppers can easily return and recycle unwanted plastic hangers.

Baby range cardboard hangers Sainsbury's

Cardboard hangers have been used on Tu items


The change has been introduced in 400 stores across the UK following a successful trial.

Sainsbury's shoppers will notice a number of changes to their favourite products in recent weeks and months.

Laundry liquid detergent packaging was recently updated in all stores to cut back on plastic waste.

Cardboard cartons have replaced plastic bottles in all own-brand 750ml laundry detergents.

The supermarket giant is committing to halfing the use of plastic in all own-brand packaging by 2025.

Plastic trays have been removed from the by Sainsbury's whole chicken range.

Instead, the chicken products can be purchased in bags.

Earlier this year, Sainsbury's became the first retailer to vacuum pack all of its beef mince.

Sainsbury's laundry products

Sainsbury's updated the packaging of laundry products


This update uses at least 55 per cent less plastic.

Other brands have followed in the footsteps of Sainsbury's by opting for vacuum-packed mince.

Aldi is the latest to announce the change and it is trialling the new packaging in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, the West Midlands and Worcestershire branches.

Aldi will also trial flow-wrap packed mince later this year to see what customers prefer.

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