The 'beautiful' part of the UK where James McAvoy lives is a 'hidden gem'

James McAvoy Crouch End

James McAvoy has a home in London

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 18/01/2024

- 05:00

James McAvoy owns a lavish house in north London

James McAvoy is a British actor who grew up in Glasgow, Scotland.

He now splits his time between London and the United States.

When in the UK, he stays in a large property with his wife.

The home is thought to be in Crouch End, north London.

Parkland Walk

The area is home to Parkland Walk


Crouch End is an artsy area that has boutique shops and independent restaurants to enjoy.

While it has easy access to the centre of London, it is a residential part of the city.

Those in the area can stroll down the Parkland Walk, which is the longest linear nature reserve in London.

It has gained popularity and those who have been down the route have shared their thoughts on Tripadvisor.

One wrote: "This was my second time walking along this path, but I’d love to run it sometime! Beautiful frosty plants everywhere and happy dogs with their owners.

"The highlight is definitely the disused Crouch End station platforms."

Another added: "It is always nice to walk down here - the whole way from Finsbury Park to Highgate - a hidden gem and a quick way to walk between the two!"

The third said it was a "great" and "fascinating" walk.

Crouch End

He lives in a residential part of the city


London has lots of hidden spots where celebrities can mix luxury with privacy.

James Bond legend Timothy Dalton owns a property in the historical Chiswick in London.

Queen's John Deacon owns a mansion in a leafy part of the city.

He has a property in Putney, an affluent area in south London.

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