Mark Strong lives in a leafy part of the UK with 'beautiful' walks

Mark Strong London

Mark Strong is best known as an actor

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 07/01/2024

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Mark Strong owned a home in a beautiful part of the UK

Mark Strong is best known for his work as a successful actor.

He was born in London and has chosen a spot nearby to buy a home.

Mark set up camp in north London and is thought to reside near Queen's Park.

Although this is in the busy capital city, it is a relatively quiet area.

Park in London

He lives near a park in London


It is a family-friendly spot with frequent farmer's markets and lots of independent pubs and restaurants to enjoy.

Queen's Park itself is also a popular spot for Britons looking for a walk in some outdoor space.

Visitors have complimented the area in reviews left on Tripadvisor.

One wrote: "Queen's Park is a nice, well-kept and pleasant park maintained by the City of London."

A second said: "We love walking our little dog here, as the grounds are so well looked after and trimmed.

"The park is really clean, the cafe here serves an amazing coffee and in general it is one of the most beautifully arranged green areas in London."

A third agreed and stated: "There is so much going on in this park, especially for families. They have open air plays here.

"The cafe is brilliant and the food is fresh and so very tasty so don't miss popping in."

The Shard

He lives in London


Actor Daniel Craig also chose a quiet part of London to live in.

He owns a mansion in Primrose Hill which has lots of greenery and beautiful views of the city.

Robert De Niro owned a penthouse flat in central London.

He lived in the historical part of the city where houses average £640,000.

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