M&S shoppers slam new 40p paper bags that 'disintegrate quickly' - 'we all hate them'

Marks and Spencer paper bags

Marks and Spencer has swapped its plastic bags

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 22/09/2023

- 12:33

Updated: 12/01/2024

- 08:56

The new bags have received mixed reviews and some claim they do not last well in wet weather

Marks & Spencer has swapped plastic bags for paper alternatives in a bid to cut back on plastic waste.

The retailer branded the bags durable, being strong and water repellent while being sustainably sourced.

The bags are pricier than a plastic bag at 40p and the higher price tag is due to higher manufacturing costs.

Some shoppers have embraced the new bags while others are less impressed.

Marks & Spencer paper bag

Marks & Spencer has introduced paper bags

Marks & Spencer

Taking to social media, M&S shoppers have been sharing their opinions.

A number of shoppers expressed concerns about the durability of the bags, especially in wet weather.

Posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, one shopper said: "People are complaining on Twitter that M & S have stopped selling the famous plastic carrier bags. Instead it's just paper ones.

"We all hate them as they disintegrate quickly in wet weather just walking to the car or bus stop."

Another added: "Just been to M&S, they've got rid of plastic carrier bags, only paper ones now. So why are the new paper ones 40p each?

"Thought the charge for plastic ones was Government policy to discourage people from using them."

One more added: "Walked from [M&S] to Piccadilly station, handle broke, side of the bag ripped, used bags from other shops to keep new clothes dry. Pathetic!"

One more shopper explained a series of problems they had during a recent trip to the retailer, including issues with the new bag.

They said: "Their new paper carrier bags, not great in the rain!"

Some shoppers were more impressed with the change and praised the move to cut back on waste.

\u200bMarks & Spencer paper bag

Some shoppers are not happy with the new bags

Marks & Spencer

An X user said: "Good job with the paper bags. Do wish they would adopt the same stance for their online deliveries."

One shopper said: "Obviously what M&S are trying to say to you is 'bring your own bag, use our single use plastic/paper bags only as a last resort'. The more they charge, the better. I’m really all for it even though I’m not on a great wage."

A M&S spokesperson told GB News: “Our customers have told us that removing plastic is one of their top priorities and the majority reuse their own bag when shopping with us.

"For those customers who want a new bag, we’ve introduced 100 per cent recyclable and durable alternatives. The bags have been robustly tested, including in wet weather conditions, however customers with any concerns should contact our customer services team.”Supermarkets will often make changes to become more sustainable.

This change comes as Tesco updated its meat packaging to reduce plastic.

Sainsbury's recently changed 16 staple Taste the Difference products in UK stores.

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