'I’m 49 but people tell me I look at least 10 years younger - I never wear a heavy makeup product’

'I’m 49 but people tell me I look at least 10 years younger - I never wear a heavy makeup product’

Plastic surgeon shares easy ways to look younger

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Published: 24/05/2024

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Updated: 25/05/2024

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A heavy foundation could be ageing you prematurely and 'masking' your skin

Lifestyle and wellness coach Tracy Campoli took to YouTube to share her makeup tips to look "10 years younger".

While Tracy did note that getting older is a "gift" and "something to be proud of", there is nothing wrong with a little anti-ageing makeup.

Tracy said: "I'm 49 years old and I am often told that I look at least 10 years younger.

"My first tip to make you look 10 years younger is to stop wearing heavy foundation.

"The thing with a heavy foundation is that you’re really masking your skin."

Tracy Campoli / Woman applying makeup

Women may be able to shave a decade off with the right makeup hacks

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Rather than caking your face with a thick foundation, the makeup enthusiast recommended investing time and care into your skin.

Women can do this by keeping their skin hydrated and moisturising regularly.

But ditching foundation doesn’t mean going sans products altogether. Tracy diligently applies sunscreen and mixes this in with a small pump of bronzing drops.

Combining the two together, she applies the finished product to her face, making sure to blend it all in.

The makeup enthusiast does this with her hands, claiming that "they are your best makeup brush".

Tracy's second tip for looking younger was to "stop wearing so many powdery products". Rather, she advised going for their creamier counterparts.

She claimed that powder can dry out the skin, and "seep into our wrinkles and fine lines".

Tracy applies a powder concealer to specific parts of her face, including the corners of her eyes and anywhere she may have redness, such as her nose and forehead.

She also uses concealer to disguise an age spot on one cheek. The doctors at UCLA Health explained: "Age spots are the darkened areas of skin that develop on parts of the body that have been regularly exposed to sunlight.

"When you develop age spots, it’s your skin’s way of letting you know you’ve gotten too much sun." However, age spots do not require medical attention.

Continuing with her concealer routine, Tracy does not apply the product underneath her eyes, as this would run the risk of it "seeping" into her fine lines.


Woman applying sunscreen

Tracy diligently applies sunscreen to properly protect her skin


The anti-ageing enthusiast then uses a darker shade of concealer for a bronzing effect.

She applies this on her forehead around her hairline and on her cheekbones. Tracy provided an important warning though - do not get your bronzer placement wrong.

She explained that if you bronze too low, this is going to "drag down your face - and you don't want to do that".

Women should ensure they blend their concealer thoroughly to give their skin "warmth" and "shape". With whatever product is left on the brush, the ageless beauty uses to bronze her jawline and chin, also taking it down her neck.

Another way women can take years off their age is by revamping their wardrobe. Women over 50 have been told to stop wearing a style of top that makes them look "dated".

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