'I'm a hair expert and a thicker, fuller hairstyle will make you look younger than straight hair will'

'I'm a hair expert and a thicker, fuller hairstyle will make you look younger than straight hair will'

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 26/05/2024

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Women who wear their hair straight should consider some loose waves for an anti-ageing boost

A gorgeous head of hair can take years off a woman's look - but the wrong cut, colour and style can be prematurely ageing.

A hair expert spoke exclusively to GB News about her "best hair hacks for a more youthful look".

Lacy Gadegaard-West, hairstylist and founder of extension brand Laced Hair, said that women can look younger by making a simple change to their hairstyle.

According to the expert, women who typically wear their hair straight should swap this style for loose, bouncy waves.

Middle-aged woman with wavy hair / Lacy Gadegaard-West

'Loose waves versus straight hair gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair'

GETTY IMAGES / Lacy Gadegaard-West

Lacy said: "Loose waves versus straight hair gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Adding layers, especially face-framing layers, will help to not elongate the face, giving a more youthful feel."

Loose waves can be achieved sans heat by braiding the hair before bed. Alternatively, ladies can use curling heated or non-heated tools. Lacy recommended the Laced Velcro Roller Set for "mega volume and movement without the heat".

To add "shine and polish", women can complete their loose wave look with a lightweight hair oil.

An influencer for women over 50 provided another hairstyle tip. She told middle-aged ladies to avoid an "ageing" and "cheap" hairstyle that's "making them look older".

For even more movement and va-va-voom, Lacy said that hair extensions are an exciting option, stating: "Extensions for the win.

"Keratin extensions are an excellent choice for anyone with fine, thinning hair who wants to achieve a youthful look by adding fullness.

"Keratins offer a great fill-in option for women who are suffering from thinning hair around the hairline and temple area while helping to instantly restore volume.

"In addition to being low maintenance, they’re lighter on the hair, and the tips can be customized for each unique client’s needs."

Women may also be able to take years off their age by experimenting with a new hair colour.

Lacy said: "Hairstylists classify colour by level and tone. I like to use warmer colours instead of cool shades on my older clients because I’ve found that cooler colours tend to wash them out.


Hairdresser fitting hair extensions

Hair extensions can help you achieve a 'fuller' look


"Also, adding dimension versus one all over single colour is a great interplay of dark and light shades that bring the hair to life.

"If you’re not quite ready for a colour change, try intermixing different shades of keratin hair extensions for added dimension and a pop of colour without the long-term commitment. Plus, you’ll get the added benefits of instant volume and thickness."

But no amount of styling, hair dye or extensions can reverse poor hair health and quality. Lacy said: "Hydration and scalp care equals healthy hair.

"Making sure your scalp and strands are hydrated - just like your skin - is key to having healthy hair, and healthy hair helps give a youthful appearance. When our hair is healthy, it’s shiny, vibrant, and full of vitality."

The expert recommended investing in a clean-ingredient scalp serum and conditioning mask.

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