Boost the value of your property by up to £30,000 with free garden check

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Homeowners can increase the value of their property

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 04/10/2023

- 10:52

House prices are falling in the UK but there are some ways to add value to your home by checking your garden, experts claimed

The average house prices has dropped for nearly everyone, according to the latest data.

This might put homeowners off listing their homes, but if they need to there are still some ways to get the best price.

Potential sellers should ensure the outside of their property is up to scratch as buyers want a modern garden, according to experts at luxury outdoor living brand Harbour Lifestyle.

They said: "Prospective buyers are looking to envision themselves in your current home.

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"Creating a versatile, clean, and modern alfresco space is the best option for a people-pleasing all-rounder aesthetic."

A well-kept garden could boost property value by 10 per cent, the experts explained.

This could equate to an increase of £25,000 to £30,000 according to the latest house prices.

The professionals suggested getting on top of weeds and removing any clutter.

They continued: "This means ensuring your garden is neatly kept, weed free, and absent of clutter.

"If you have children or pets, nestle their toys out of sight into a stylish storage box, and tidy any visible signs of wear and tear."

A garden or outdoor space is a must for most buyers so the better this looks, the more likely they will be to part with their cash.

When it comes to improving the inside, an expert suggested how to Boost the value of your home with some free tips.

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A well kept garden can add a lot of value


They explained having a tidy and well-presented home could add value to the property without the need to spend any money on renovations.

If making renovations, one family transformed their home by doing some works.

The home was unrecognisable after a stunning transformation to create indoor/outdoor living.

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